Vessels Unto Honour
VESSELS UNTO HONOUR,  is a public speaking ministry established by Pastor/Prophetess & Motivational Speaker CHERYLE CHANEY YEARY.  It is based in St. Louis, Missouri.  The mission of this unique ministry is to serve as a catalyst for spiritual and emotional healing and wholeness for mankind. Pastor  Chaney Yeary's vision is to facilitate this process via her lectures, workshops, retreats, keynote addresses and radio broadcasts. Pastor Chaney Yeary is the Founder & Senior Pastor of LION OF JUDAH CHRISTIAN OUTREACH CENTER, in St Louis, Missouri, "where the doors are open to people from all walks of life." She hosted,for a total of two years a  radio broadcast (Vessels Unto Honour) which aired (live) in  the East St. Louis, Illinois and metro St Louis areas on AM 690.   This broadcast  aired twice weekly, Mondays at 10:15 PM and Thursdays at 4:45 PM and addressed real life  challenges.  A seasoned presenter, her anointed yet practical delivery of revelation knowledge has helped countless people to break free of lifelong struggles which have hampered their ability to pursue their God given purpose and destiny.  A much sought after speaker, she is a professional member of the National Speakers' Association (NSA). She is submitted to the spiritual covering of Apostle (Bishop) Anthony J. Hatcher & Pastor Charlene Y. Hatcher of World of Faith Outreach Christian Center, Rockledge, Florida. She is a graduate of Truth Bible College in Jacksonville, Fl., where she earned a Doctoral Degree in Theological Studies.

Over twenty years of combined  ministry experience, adjunct college instructor, Bible college course author/instructor, licensed mental health counselor,mental health/social services administrator and 16 year U.S. Air Force veteran serve as the springboard for the awesome vision that the Lord has entrusted to her.

GUESS WHAT? Pastor  Chaney Yeary enthusiastically takes "Vessels Unto Honour" on the road -- engagements are NOT limited to the St. Louis area! BOOK AN ENGAGEMENT TODAY!
  She is warmly recieved by both ministerial and secular audiences. 

HER MOST REQUESTED TOPICS? "Living On Purpose", "Defeating Depression", Raising The Difficult Child", "Teambuilding in The Workplace","Living With An Addict -- Without Losing Your Mind!" and " Integrity in the House of God".
You are invited to fellowship with Lion of Judah Christian Outreach Center, and or participate in "The Deborah Project" a twice monthly Women's Fellowship.

Please forward prayer requests, donations or request for Booking Information to:

Lion of Judah Christian Outreach Center
Attn: Pastor Cheryle Chaney Yeary
PO Box 5906
Berkeley, MO 63134

Senior Pastor/Prophetess Cheryle Chaney Yeary.
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