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The Opera House for the Fine Arts!!

Hello and welcome to my special place to celebrate the fine arts!! Perhaps you came to visit a concert in the The Orchestra Pit, or maybe you're here to relax and read some fine literature in the Lounge?? Whatever you're here to do, know that you can always count on me, Lauren, to help you out where ever you are in my humble abode!! I hope you enjoy your visit!! Now, off you go to explore the the Opera House!!!

News Flash!!

Stop by the new Opera House Lobby and chat with a friend! And join the Single Reeds Webring

Pachlbel's Cannon in D
A Crescendoplug-in is needed

The Orchestra Pit
Clarinet, Sax and other Music

The Stage
Drama and Acting

The Lounge
Poetry and Writing

The Art Gallery
ASCII Art Gallery

The Green Room
My Guestbook
The "Gift Shop"
Opera House Update

The Awards Hall
Be the Fine Arts Site of the Week
Awards and Organizations

You are guest# +3444 to come to the Opera House since 6/12/97!!!!

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