Learn How to Ride a Unicycle

by Steve Plumb for CMP 560 Web Page Assignment

Getting Started:

Step 1

Pull the seat into place.

Step 2

Spin in the wheel so that the pedal is in the 4:00 position.

Step 3

Put both hands on the handrail or fence.


Step 4

Step on the pedal closest to you. This is different from a bicycle, where you step on the forward pedal. Bicyclists are used to moving forward when mounting. On a unicycle, you want the wheel to rotate 1/4-turn backwards. Step on the pedal and you should now be on the seat with the wheel underneath you.

Step 5

Hold onto the handrail tightly and lean forward slightly while pedaling slowly. Next is the most important tip!.  

When the unicycle starts to fall, let it. Stay on your feet and let it fall. The seat can be replaced; your seat can't. Continue to hold onto the handrail until you've practiced steps 1-5 for at least t hree hours.


You're about 10 hours away from riding without assistance! During the next several days you'll ease your grip on the handrail and then hold on with one hand. You'll travel a few feet without assistance, then a few yards, then you'll soon discover the secret to unicycling: Lean in the direction you want to travel and the wheel will try to catch up with you.


Always use caution when riding a unicycle.

You are responsible for your own safety!

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