S.S. Albertic
RMS Albertic
RMS Albertic by Walter Thomas
SS Albertic -- White Star Line Official Card
Built: 1923, A.G. Weser, Bremen.    
Yard No: 209
Funnels: 2   Masts: 2
Tonnage: 18,940 GRT
Dimensions: 187.3 x 21.8 m / 615 x 71.5 ft
Engines: Quadruple Expansion by builders
Twin Screw; 16,000 IHP; 17 kn.
Hull: Steel, 3 Decks, Bridge-246ft
Passengers: 229-1st Class, 523-2nd Class, 690-3rd Class
Crew: 400
The Albertic was originally laid down as Munchen (II) for Norddeutscher Lloyd in 1913. As a part of War reparations she was transferred to Britain while still on the stocks. On March 23, 1920 she was launched as Munchen but under Royal Mail supervision. She was officially transferred to Royal Mail on March 27, 1923 and renamed Ohio. The Ohio made her maiden voyage on April 4, 1923 from Hamburg to New York via Southampton and Cherbourg. In 1927 she was sold to White Star Line and renamed Albertic. The Albertic made her first White Star Line voyage on April 22, 1927 from Liverpool to Montreal via Quebec. She was transferred to the London to St Lawrence berth in 1928. In December 1929, due to the loss of the Celtic, the Albertic took her place on the Liverpool to New York service. March of 1933 saw the Albertic laid up awaiting disposal. In 1934 the Albertic was sold and broken up at Osaka, Japan.
SS Albertic  Abstract of Log  Front view
SS Albertic  Abstract of Log  Back view
SS Albertic -- Abstract of Log Card -- Liverpool to Quebec & Montreal -- June 18 thru 25, 1927
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