SS Calgaric
SS Calgaric by Walter Thomas
SS Calgaric -- Official White Star Line Card
Built: 1918, Harland & Wolff, Belfast.   
Yard No: 442
Funnels: 1   Masts: 2
Tonnage: 16,063 GRT
Dimensions: 174.9 x 20.5 m / 574 x 67.3 ft
Engine: Triple Expansion Plus Low Pressure Turbine by builders.
Triple Screw;  11,900 IHP; 14, max 15 kn.
Hull: Steel, 3 Decks
Passengers: 190-1st Class, 220-2nd Class, 480-3rd Class
Crew: Not Listed
Originally launched as Orca for Pacific Steam Navigation Company on January 15, 1918. The Orca was completed as a cargo vessel without passenger accommodation in May 1918 with a tonnage of 15,120 GRT. On February 18, 1921 she arrived at Belfast, where she was to be refitted as a passenger ship by Harland & Wolff. The refit was completed December of 1922. On January 1, 1923 the Orca was sold to the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company but kept the same name. She made her maiden voyage on January 3, 1923 from Hamburg to New York with a stop at Southampton. In February 1927 she was sold to the White Star Line and renamed Calgaric. Her passenger accommodation was then changed to: 290-1st Class, 550-Tourist Class, 330-3rd Class. She made her first voyage as the White Star liner Calgaric on May 4, 1927 from Liverpool to Montreal. On April 20, 1929 she made her first voyage on the London to Montreal route. September 1930 saw the Calgaric laid up at Milford Haven as a reserve steamer, but she was kept 'sea ready'. She went back into service on June 9, 1933 on the Liverpool to Montreal service, but that was short lived as she was laid up again at Milford Haven on September 9, 1933. In 1934 the Calgaric was transferred into Cunard-White Star Line but was not required and was put up for sale. On December 20, 1934 the Calgaric left Milford Haven and on December 25th arrived at Inverkeithing and was broken up during 1936 after only 16 years of service.
SS Calgaric -- Real Photo
SS Calgaric back of card
SS Calgaric card given to passengers for crossing the Arctic Circle on July 8, 1930
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