SS Haverford

SS Haverford by Montague B Black

SS Haverford -- Official White Star Line Card

Built: 1901, John Brown, Clydebank.    Yard No: 344
Funnels: 1   Masts: 4
Tonnage: 11,635 GRT
Dimensions: 167.6 x 18.0 m / 550 x 59.2 ft
Engines: Triple Expansion by builders.
Twin Screw;  5,000 IHP;  14 kn.
Hull: Steel, 3 Decks, Bridge-150 ft.
Passengers: 150-2nd Class, 1,700-3rd Class.
Crew: Not Listed.

Originally built as Haverford for the American Line, she was launched on May 4, 1901 and completed in August. She made her maiden voyage on September 4, 1901 from Southampton to New York. After two round voyages, she was put on the Liverpool to Philadelphia service. In 1917 she was badly damaged by torpedo attack off the Irish Coast. 11 Dead. She then went under repair for several months. Since she was owned by the International Mercantile Marine Co., she was transferred to White Star's Liverpool to Philadelphia service on April 1, 1921. She then made her first White Star Line voyage from Liverpool to Philadelphia. In 1922 she was again operated by the American Line on the Hamburg to New York route. In 1924 the Haverford was sold to Italian breakers. She was then broken up in Italy in 1925.

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