SS Homeric
RMS Homeric by William McDowell
RMS Homeric -- Official White Star Line Card
Built: 1922, F. Schichau, Danzig.  
Yard No: 891
Funnels: 2   Masts: 2
Tonnage: 34,351 GRT
Dimensions: 236.0 x 25.1 m / 774 x 82.3 ft.
Engines: Triple Expansion by builders.
Twin Screw;  32,000 IHP;  18, max 19 kn.
Hull: Steel, 5 Decks, Bridge-675 ft.
Passengers: 529-1st Class, 487-2nd Class, 1,750-3rd Class
Crew: 730
White Star had listed a Homeric as being under construction in 1913, but she existed only on paper. The name was now bestowed on this purchased vessel.
The Homeric was originally launched as Columbus for Norddeutscher Lloyd on December 17, 1913. In August 1914 following the outbreak of war, construction was halted on the 80 percent completed ship. On June 28, 1919 the Treaty of Versailles stipulated that the Columbus should be handed over to Great Britain. In 1920 she was surrendered to Britain. In June 1920 the White Star Line, Liverpool, bought the new ship and renamed her Homeric. Building continued under British supervision. On January 21, 1922 the Homeric arrived in Southampton following completion and trials. On February 15, 1922 she made her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. In October 1923 she was refit by Harland & Wolff, lasting until March, 1924. Refit included changing to oil-firing and improvements to her engines. Her new service speed was 19.5 kn. Passenger accommodation was changed to 523-1st Class, 841-Cabin Class, 314-3rd Class. On June 1, 1932 she made her last voyage on the North Atlantic and from thereafter she was used for cruising. In February 1934 White Star and Cunard Line merged to form Cunard-White Star LTD. In September 1935 she was laid up off Ryde, and in February 1936 the Homeric was sold for breaking up to T.W.Ward, Inverkeithing.
SS Homeric by Tuck RMS Homeric by Walter Thomas
RMS Homeric -- Official Cunard White Star Line Card
SS Homeric -- Pub. Raphael Tuck & Sons'
RMS Homeric by Montague B Black
RMS Homeric by John H Fry
RMS Homeric -- Pub. J. Salmon
RMS Homeric -- Official White Star Line Card
RMS Homeric First Class Corridor
RMS Homeric -- First Class Corridor
Official White Star Line Card
RMS Homeric Second Class Dinner Menu Card
RMS Homeric Letter Card Inside
RMS Homeric Letter Card
RMS Homeric -- Letter Card -- Front View
RMS Homeric
Second Class Dinner Menu
31 August 1922
RMS Homeric -- Letter Card -- Inside View
SS Homeric  Tobacco Card
RMS Homeric -- Tobacco Card -- Wills's Cigarettes
SS Homeric  Magazine Advertisement
RMS Homeric -- Magazine Advertisement  c. 1920's
RMS Homeic  Abstract of Log Card  Back View
RMS Homeric  Abstract of Log  Front View
RMS Homeric -- Abstract of Log card -- Southampton to New York -- June 25 thru July 2, 1929
RMS Homeric  Letter/Menu Card  Inside View
RMS Homeric  Letter/Menu Card  Front View
RMS Homeric -- Letter/Menu Card -- Dinner Menu -- June 8, 1931 -- Front & Inside Views
RMS Homeric  Passenger List  Front Cover RMS Homeric  Passenger List  Inside View
RMS Homeric -- Tourist Third Cabin Passenger List --  August 4, 1926 -- Front & Inside Views
RMS Homeric  Unused Stationery
RMS Homeric -- Unused On Board Stationery
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