SS Laurentic (II)

SS Laurentic by Walter Thomas

SS Laurentic -- Official White Star Line Card

Built: 1927, Harland & Wolff, Belfast.    Yard No: 470
Funnels: 2   Masts: 2
Tonnage: 18,724 GRT
Dimensions: 182.9 x 23.0 m / 600 x 75.4 ft.
Engines: Triple Expansion plus Low Pressure Turbines by builders.
Triple Screw;  15,000 IHP;  16 kn.
Hull: Steel, 4 Decks and Shelter Deck.
Passengers: 594-Cabin Class, 406-Tourist Class, 500-3rd Class
Crew: Not Listed

The Laurentic was launched on June 16, 1927 and completed on November 1st. She made her maiden voyage on November 12, 1927 from Liverpool to New York. On April 27, 1928 she made her first voyage on the Liverpool-Quebec-Montreal service. On October 3, 1932 she collided with Lurigethan of the H. E. Moss Line in Belle Isle Strait. Both ships survived the collision. In 1934 Cunard Line and White Star Line merged to form Cunard White Star Line. On August 18, 1935 the Laurentic was rammed by the Blue Star liner Napier Star in the fog in the Irish Sea. Six of the Laurentic's crew were killed. She was laid up at Birkenhead in December of 1935. On September 14, 1936 she made one voyage to Palestine as troop transport. In April of 1938 she was laid up at Southampton and later, Falmouth. On August 24, 1939 she became an Armed Merchant Cruiser. Most of the after superstructure was removed. She was probably the last 'deep-sea' coal burner in the Royal Navy. On November 3, 1940 the Laurentic was torpedoed off Bloody Foreland, Ireland, by the German submarine U-99, captained by Germany's greatest U-Boat ace, Otto Kretschmer. After two more torpedo hits the Laurentic sank. Of the 416 aboard, 367 were saved, 49 lives lost.

SS Laurentic (II) by Montague Black

SS Laurentic -- Official White Star Line Card

SS Laurentic Letter Card  inside view
SS Laurentic Letter Card  front view

SS Laurentic  Letter Card   front view

SS Laurentic  Letter Card   inside view

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