SS Persic

SS Persic  Arriving At Sydney  by Montague B Black

SS Persic -- Arriving At Sydney -- Official White Star Line Card

Built: 1899, Harland & Wolff, Belfast.    Yard No: 325
Funnels: 1   Masts: 4
Tonnage: 11,973 GRT
Dimensions: 173.7 x 19.3 m / 570 x 63.3 ft.
Engines: Quadruple Expansion by builders.
Twin Screw;  5,000 IHP;  13.5 kn.
Hull: Steel, 3 Decks, 7 Holds, 21 Derricks, fcsle-55 ft, poop 57-ft, bridge-107 ft.
Coal: 3,000 tons at 80 tons per day; Cargo: 12,500 cu. ft. Refrig for 100,000 carcasses.
Passengers: 320-Cabin Class.
Crew: Not Listed.

The Persic was launched on September 7, 1899 and delivered on November 16th. She made her maiden voyage on December 7, 1899 from Liverpool to Sydney via Capetown. She carried troops for the Boer War. Her rudder broke at Capetown and voyage was delayed until a new one could be sent out from Harland & Wolff. In 1900 the voyage resumed and she took home Australian sick and wounded. On October 26, 1900 the Persic rescued the crew of the burning schooner Madura. Between 1917 and 1919 she operated under the Liner Requisition Scheme. In September 1918 she was torpedoed off Sicily but reached port safely. In 1920 she was released back to her owners and was refitted and modernized. Her passenger accommodation was changed to 260-Cabin Class. In 1926 she was refitted at Govan but suffered unrepairable engine wear. On September 26, 1926 the Persic left Liverpool on her final voyage. Upon return she was laid up. On July 7, 1927 she was sold and left the Mersey for breaking up at Hendrik ido Ambacht, Netherlands.

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