SS Romanic
SS Romanic by Charles Dixon
Romanic At Palermo -- Official White Star Line Card
Built: 1898, Harland & Wolff, Belfast.    Yard No: 315
Funnels: 1   Masts: 2
Tonnage: 11,394 GRT.
Dimensions: 172.5 x 18.1 m / 566 x 59.3 ft.
Engines: Triple Expansion by builders.
Twin Screw;  8,700 IHP;  16 kn.
Hull: Steel, 3 Decks
Passengers: 200-1st Class, 200-2nd Class, 800-Steerage
Crew: Not Listed
Originally built as New England for Dominion Line, she was launched on April 7, 1898 and completed in June 1898. She made her maiden voyage on June 30th from Liverpool to Boston. In November 1903 she was transferred to White Star Line, Liverpool and renamed Romanic. She made her first voyage for White Star on November 19, 1903 from Liverpool to Boston. From December she sailed the Mediterranean to USA route. On January 19, 1912 she was transferred to the Allan Line, Glasgow and renamed Scandinavian. She then sailed on the Glasgow to Montreal service. On October 1, 1915 the Allan Line was taken over by Canadian Pacific. Her route then changed to Liverpool to Canada. Starting in 1920, she sailed the Antwerp to Canada service. In July 1922 she was laid up for a year. On July 9, 1923 she was sold for breaking up to F. Rijsdijk, Rotterdam. On July 16 she was resold to Klasmann & Lentze, Emden, and scrapped at Hamburg.
SS Romanic  Luncheon Menu Card
SS Romanic -- Luncheon Menu Card
February 12, 1903
SS Romanic  Abstract of Log Card  Back View
SS Romanic  Abstract of Log Card  Front View
SS Romanic -- Abstract of Log Card -- Boston to Naples -- April 2 thru 16, 1910
SS Romanic Passenger List  Inside View
SS Romanic Passenger List  Front Cover
SS Romanic -- Passenger List -- First Class  -- Genoa  to Boston -- October 4, 1908
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