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The Song of The Salvation Army
Life-Saving Scouts

O'er our country, from ocean to ocean,
The Life-Saving Scouts you will see,
Filled with love and unselfish devotion,
Everyone full of life, you'll agree;
But there's one thing we'll always remember,
In sunshine or shadows to observe
That we're banded together with a motto
Our slogan, "To Save and to Serve.


Our slogan, "To Save and to Serve,"
Our slogan, "To Save and to Serve,"
We're banded together with a motto,
Our slogan, "To Save and to Serve."

We'll not shirk any duty or waiver,
We'll be faithful to principle and pledge,
With King Jesus, our mighty Scout Leader,
We'll develop body, soul, as well as head.
We'll fight 'neath the Army's dear old banner,
And be loyal to the Red, White and Blue;
Then at last when all scouting is over,
We'll hear, "Well done, Scout, you were true."

I'm still trying to find to what tune this was sang; as soon as I do, I'll post it.