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Everything here is my opinion. If you don't like that, you can talk to me because I don't have a lawyer who would care.
Update! 8-25-03
Yeah, uh, don't scroll down. It's embarrassing. Last time I updated this thing I was in high school. Now I'm entering my third year of college. I've reunited with some very old friends, and this has apparently been a summer of nostalgia. This site is only back by request, so caveat emptor. Everything is grossly out of date. I can't believe GeoCities has kept this site around for so long. The Information Superhighway intermingles with the Information Sewer System. I do like the design of this site, so maybe I'll get back into maintaining it. If you feel it necessary, there appears to still be a number of things I wrote in high school available here. If you do read them, please don't send me any snotty emails about anything I wrote.

Just last night I wrote a short short entitled Phoenix IV. It kept me biting my own nails, so I'm sure the suspense will go double for anyone else who reads it! Click below to
Read it Now!
Oh yeah, and be sure to check out the latest of Death of the Zelbinion in the Fiction section! Parts 1 through 5 are up there, and I can see another three parts easily. I don't know how long the story will go, but I do know how it will end. :) No spoilers, so quit Emailing me. Author's Note: A Farscape episode came along during this thing's writing that blasted to bits some of my premises in this story. Hence, I ceased writing it rather than rewrite.

First of all, I acknowledge my slight lack of sanity. It is my belief that if one is to maintain an acceptable level of imagination, one needs to be a little weird. Defying convention and exploring the unusual is what science fiction is all about. And science fiction is what I'm all about. It is also my belief that science fiction is one of the most effective ways today to express a large variety of stories, locations, and people. The future is an uncertain thing. It can be anything our imagination can concoct. From the organic corridors of Farscape to the electronically streamlined Star Trek, speculation can be either facinating or frightening in the writing of fiction.
Secondly, everything on this site is copyrighted to me. If you don't like that, you can take it up with my Uncle Sam. You don't want to mess with him. The audio files on the Farscape page, however, are not. Take them, distribute them, copy them, put them in your Windows sound scheme for all I care. Farscape belongs to the SCI FI Channel and its cronies. I take no credit for those WAVs except for the fact that I recorded them from the show myself. You can find me in the SCI FI BBoard under the alias of "Phantom82."
Third on my list of things to confess today is the fact that this site will never be complete. I will be adding updates to my Projects page, as well as the pages about what I am reading, what I plan to read, and what have already read. I will review all of those books and make them available for purchase--just so you can have the same fascinating experience with fiction as I have. You might also emerge as a weirdo like me.