Gretchen's Travel Tips and Hints for making life on the road easier:

I travel frequently, both for pleasure and work, so I'm always looking for better ways to do things.
These are a few of the best travel tips I've found:

Travel Light! There's really no reason for anyone to need more than one bag, plus your backpack for a trip. You'll never hear travellers say, "I wish I had brought more stuff with." Having too much is a noose around your neck and keeps you from enjoying the trip because you're always worried about it being stolen or how you will have to lug it to your next destination.
Email all your hotel reservations, travelers' check numbers, passport numbers and other important information to yourself. If anything is lost or stolen, you will be able to retrieve the information.

Must have items:

1. Camera.
Not everyone would put this at the top, but I never leave home without one. My memories are always fresh when I can look at a photo. My father taught me this when I was very little and I've never forgotten it. Don't forget extra batteries.
2. Toilet Paper
Snicker all you want, but there's always a small roll in my backpack. Who hasn't been caught in a situation where they needed it?
3. Zip lock bags
They have a million and one uses and weight practically nothing.
4. Extra socks
Without fail, your socks will get wet. Nothing can ruin a trip more than blisters because your feet are not taken care of properly.
5. Beach Towel
Another item with a million and one uses. Besides the obvious beach use, there are never enough towels in the hotel room. Use it as a blanket for cold and drafty buses or hotel rooms.
6. Journal
OK, this might have you scratching your head, but I use mine every day to record things I've seen, phone numbers or addresses I need to remember and a million other things. I pick up a cheap scrapbook at a Dollar Store and it makes a great souvenir after I've added business cards from hotels and restaurants, autographs, postcards, brochures, etc..
7. Extra Batteries
I've been out and my camera died because the battery died. Luckily, I keep a freshly charged battery in my pack, but it would have been a disaster without that. I use rechargeable batteries and plug them in each night.

Not Necessary

Unless you need a special brand, this is available everyone around the world.
Glass bottles
They will always break.

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