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This is just an attempt to keep a starting point in the search for shoegazer/dream pop related bands. This links will take you to web sites, home pages or just plain text information of the bands listed. I'll try to keep up as many bands as possible posted and updated. So if you see some wrong information or a band missing, please feel free to drop any URL's. Thanks. This is wonderful music.

Updated May 11, 2002
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Out Now!


"In Between Worlds"

"In Tune with the the True Distortion"

"A Folding Sieve" (reissue)

- HOLLOWPHONIC: "Majestic"

- MALORY: "Outerbeats"

- THE CAPSULES: "Reverser"

"No One Knows Anything for Sure"

"Slow Colorless Stare"

- THE MELODY UNIT: "Choose Your Own Adventure"


"One Point and Red"

"Scream the Sound"

"You Brought Us Here"


"Know by Heart"

"EL Dorado"

"Young Effectuals"

"The Angel Has Landed"


"I Heard Myself in You"

"Mont Ventoux"

Check the band's web sites for more info!


  • New bands added: I know, I've said that I will only be posting true gazy bands from now on, and yeah Scotland's Ballboy might be just a sweeter, more energertic smaller brother to Belle & Sebastian, but just the song "Leave the Earth Behind and take a Walk" is worth alone the price of the ticket. Trust me. Go check them out. Maybe you'll love'em... Hey, found a page form Netherland's The Nightblooms. Remember them? I suggest opening a new window, go to Audiogalaxy and grab a special noisier version of "Everyone Loves You". Mucho sweet!... Check out this obscure early '90s band that I never knew existed, Sweet Jesus. They were briefly signed to Rough Trade Records and their sound was descriubed as Marc Bolan, of T-Rex, fronting My Bloody Valnetine. Very interesting... Slowdive hardcore fan, John Kupchik, did a very resourceful mini-site for proto-gazers Eternal, plus a when-and-where of Neil and Rachel, before Slowdive was ever thought about. Very interesting... By now, I assume everybody has heard Kinski. Their latest, The Dream of the Blue Turtle was one of my top thislisty albums of 2001. Now THAT'S loud!... Also: Australia's Ides of Space, freshly released in the States by the folks of Good Looking Records, is a nice, melodic nosie-pop five piece worth checking out, as well as Oklahoma's drone-pop sextet Ester Drang. Oh, also, more spacey gaze from Europe: check out Germany's Monoland home page (in deutsch), if you misss that sweet early Bowery Electric / Slowdive sound. Not to be missed!

  • NOT-SO BREAKING NEWS!: As you may be aware by now, it's been a while since my last update. As some of you may be aware, I have had lots of trouble finding the time to work on this since my laptop (where I usually update this page) basically died on me some months ago. That, plus several other reasons are the cause of this long delay. BUT... the page is very much still alive. I was hoping to have a new look for this year, but a web designer that agreed to work on it flaked out on me. Anyhoo, since I know that you are here basically to find out about new gazy bands, I'm sure you won't mind this end-of-the-'90s, prehistoric layout in the mentime. Thanks for you understanding and let the noise keep flowing...

  • On the New / Upcoming Records front: Acclaimed UK sensations, the Doves, have a new album out, called The Last Broadcast. Go to their official website today to see the full tracklisting for the album, plus more juicy details. The first single -the gut-wrenching "There Goes the Fear"- was exclusively played on Steve Lamacq's Evening Session, on Radio 1, some weeks ago and the responses were great. Indeed, the album sounds incredibly, a tad more uplifting than their debut, Lost Souls, I must say... Impacient fans, get this: Zeal Records will release a new 7" by beloved Michigan band, Auburn Lull. And in related news: Darla Records signed up to release a new full lenght and the reissue of their groundbreaking debut, Alone I Admire (originally released on the Burnt Hair label in 1997)... God knows waht is happening withe folks of 7% Solution, but its mainman, James Adkisson, assured that a thid album is in the works... Will The Flaming Lips deliver another surprise-sounding album or will they remain in the calm, quiet waters of AOR like Mercury Rev has? So you like All Is Dream? Nothing wrong with that. But don't tell me that's Mercury Rev. At leats, that's not the one I knew in the early '90s. That's another band. So while we wait for the next Lip's experiment, Wayne Coyne and co. have been very busy. Besides having a new record out, named Yoshimi versus the Pink Robots (!), again produced with Dave Fridmann, they've been working on a movie soundtrack called Xmas on Mars that the very same Coyne will direct (!!!) and all the Lips will obviously contribute in all departments including -oh god-, acting. Also, there's the edition of The Flaming Lips have Landed on DVD, a documentary done by Oklahoma grad Bradley Besley that will also include Lips material galore guaranteed to make your brain mouthwater... Paik, the instrumental drone band, has announced a follow up to their magnificent sophomore opus, Corridors, to be released by Clairecords in the Spring of 2002... Cool canadian space rockers Hollowphonic also announced the release of a new mini-album called Majestic, due out this days, along with a Canadian tour with Sully... So, UK legends The Telescopes have oficially got together for a one-only show in their London hometown and the release of a new album, Third Wave, almost 10 years after their self-titled and final album on Creation Records. NYC's labelhouse Double Agent will release it. Telescopes' mainman Stephen Lawrie promises that "we could have some serious mind explosion on our hands." We surely hope so!

  • IN OTHER NEWS: For those frequent Clairecords buyers, here's some important news. To avoid confusion with the label of the same name, the mail order part of Clairecords will be changing its name. In words of Heather Sostrom: "Some the mailorder will still exist, but it will be renamed, revamped, and reintroduced with lots of nice new features (like secure online shopping, direct links to clips and images, etc...) and go under the moniker tonevendor.  it isn't up and running just yet, but there is a dummy site up at www.tonevendor.com." For more info, visit  the Clairecords site...

  • MP3s OF THE MONTH: Apart from a ton of /@#"&%#$!!! spam, there are a lot of interesting submissions lately. Oh and please understand when I don't get back to some of you. I just don't have the time anymore. But enough whining already. Click away to descover some yummy noises. The pick of the month goes to San Jose's sweet gaze merchants Bethany Curve, with "Silver", taken from their latest opus, You Brought Us Here. Just trust me, go and listen. Also worth lending an ear: Aerial Love Feed's (new album coming soon!) shoegaze classic masterpiece "Five Miles into the Atmosphere", and an enveloping bedroom tune by Snowmobile. As usual, it's all good stuff, I assure you. So click on the Dream Pop Links Radio for your doze of sweet noise. More new tunes coming soon!

  • READING MATERIAL & STUFF: Ah, music readers: a new, jam packed issue of Vendetta is out now. For just a couple of bucks you'll receive on you mailbox lots of nice interviews with The Chamber Strings (cover story), the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Mojave 3, The Tyde, Lilys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Unisex (ex Telescopes), Waxwings, Sunstorm, Twister, Tram, The Action Time, Longwave, and the Asteroid Number Four. Plus tons of reviews and articles you need to read about. It's all here.



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Yeah, Malory is one of my picks for last year's Top Ten, but can you guess which was my top pick before the page loads? Hehe, probably not. Here's why...


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Ecstasy of St.Theresa - Electro Amp Cynic - Electro Group - The Electrosonics - Endymion - Ester Drang - Eternal - Experimental Aircraft

Th' Faith Healers - February - Feedback Loop - The Field Mice - The Flaming Lips - Flying Saucer Attack - Flywheel - Fonda - For Against - Full of Emptiness - Furry Things

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The Nightblooms

The Ocean Blue - Outerspace

Paik - Pale Saints - Polara - Portal

Readymade - Resplandor - Red Badge Moment - Ride - Rocketship- Rollerskate Skinny - Royal Space Force

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Yo La Tengo - Yume Bitsu

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