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    What role has grammar to play in language!  :   Some grammar helps.
    All about the passive voice  :   The most active "Passive Voice" site.
    The reported speech lesson and practice  :   How to report whatever they say?
    The use of ONLY  :   In answer to the tough question about the most appropriate use of "only" in a grammatically,...
    All about ADJECTIVES  :   positive adjectives, comparatives and superlatives...
    Tele-ring  :   a variety of quizzes for secondary school students.
    Whatnext  :   A list of more quizzes to enjoy!
    You can click  coming soon     To jump to a game-land page where learning is only a game.
    Funny Quizzes       in powerpoint presentation. Download and enjoy them.

Innocent Pages
High School        Enjoy this multitude of Quizzes.
Sweet Home         Students' Forum! You're welcome.
The Hereafter     A view over life after death.
Jokes_Jokes        Some funny jokes to enjoy!.
More Jokes          Laughter is the best medicine!.
Literary Work      Prose or Poetry, The word is the master!.
Baby Message    A baby's revolting message to the WORLD.
Solar System      Check about the neighbouring planets!.
Bloody War         War is the language of dumb people.
Conundrums        Questions of unexpected answers.
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