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Type the appropriate preposition in each blank below.
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1. I'm proud these students.
2. They are interested English.
3. They are always busy looking new resources.
4. They are really good English.
5. I look forward meeting them soon.
6. Now listen me.
7. Quizzes are good you because they help a lot.
8. I do them test your knowledge.
9. Think all the things we have done so far.
10. I don't agree those who say that English is difficult.
11. Never laugh someone who makes mistakes.
12. And never put until tomorrow what you can do today.
13. I am waiting your answer as soon as possible.
14. I'm sure some of you are amused these computer assisted quizzes.
15. Are you tired this quiz? So see you next...


Second Year Baccalaureate       

Thanks go to Julie Kim 1