The most important thing about this project is its ambitious objective to make possible learning English and through English via Internet even if it is tough in Morocco because most users of the net still exploit it in distance chatting and real-time conferencing in the absence of a serious theme to talk about. Chatting and the other 'messengery' services are not all that the Internet can offer; on the contrary, these are only a tiny part in the wide range of services that the net can provide. However; few youngsters only do research or seek for knowledge on the Internet.

This project aims to join the efforts made by other teachers to change this unwise concept of the web. I admit that it is so much tough as a dream to come true; yet I believe that the majority of issues in life began as dreams. Let's have faith in the future of our school and try to open the doors that many of us may still think they are hard to unlock. I personally deem that as far as technology is concerned, all nations can do better the more they practice conceive the importance of using the Internet wisely regardless of their status in the Global economical scale. We are fit to use Internet as a paralinguistic tool to overcome many of our weaknesses in the field of foreign language teaching material. What I understand by this is that the amount of practitioners depends on the facility to access the World Wide Web and the amount of awareness the users of the net have about the great benefit the students can get from the net and how much learning our intelligent use of this technology can offer us. Thus, Internet services should be accessible for the profit of both the Moroccan telecommunication net and the consumers who are mostly young people. Besides this, our school should employ all its influence to redress the students' interests to focus on the very role that Internet can play in the learning sphere. The negative sides of the Internet should also be highlighted; otherwise underestimating them will surely drag the unaware students to dangerous areas.

Therefore, it is high time we did something to rebuilt a new conception of awareness vis-â-vis the net among our youngsters and keep them busy trying to find out how to get the most from this inexhaustible source of information. I hope I have been made clear. Now, you want to know what the project would look like at the end. You are at this door sill; so, why don't you ...



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