North & South and Secession
Marian Publications Presents:

The Conflict Between the North and the South

Part I:

The North & the South and Secession
Who was in the Right?

A unique examination from the Catholic (and Biblical) view of authority.

     Despite the other issues involed, the conflict between the North and South was fundamentally and primarily about authority. Where and/or in whom does political authority actually reside?

     Was Abraham Lincoln correct when he stated that the Federal government possessed the constitutional authority to keep (i.e., coerce) the States from seceding?

     Did "honest Abe" misrepresent the facts when he declared that the Southern States had no constitutional right to secede?

     If the States had the right to secede, was it because of the idea that sovereignty resides in the people? Or does sovereignty (i.e., authority) reside elsewhere?

     Did Lincoln deceive the American people when he insisted that the war was to "preserve the Union"? Would the Union really have been destroyed had the Southern States successfully withdrawn?

      Did Lincoln misrepresent the facts when he declared that the Southern States had established a "force employed for the destruction" of the Federal government?

     Did "honest Abe" misrepresent the facts to justify his aggressive war policy against the South?

     Was that conflict actually a "civil war" understood properly?

     Who was the true aggressor, the South or the North? Is aggression determined only by gun fire?

     Was the war really fought over slavery as most Americans think?

     In this concise examination of cause and right, Adam Miller, using the Catholic and biblical principles of authority, and the facts of history, answers these and other questions concerning this pivital conflict in U. S. history.

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