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                   TOWER OF DAVID MINISTRY

         To Defend and Spread the Holy Catholic Faith

      Tower of David Ministry is a lay Catholic apostolate dedicated to Our Lady for the purposes of promoting and expanding on earth the Kingdom of her Divine Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, which is found only in the Roman Catholic Church.

       The name "Tower of David" is an ancient title given to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The phrase comes from the Canticle of Canticles (Song of Songs) 4:4 which reads "Thy neck is like the tower of David, built for an arsenal, where a thousand bucklers hang upon it; all the armor of valiant men." This title of the Blessed Mother was chosen for this apostolate by the virtue that our Lady acts as a refuge and fortress against the forces which seek to attack, undermine, and/or deny the authority and teachings of Christ's Church on earth. Our Lady is a tower where the faithful can proclaim the truth of salvation to the whole world. She is a tower upon which we can "hang our armor" and find protection and help in this valley of tears. Mary is truly Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

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Tower of David Ministry is committed to helping Catholics in the following areas:

1) Education: to help Catholics learn more fully the authentic teachings and doctrines of the Holy Catholic Church which have been undermined and distorted by both secular and "Catholic" Liberalism, Modernism, and Americanism. This education will help equip Catholics to combat these errors and their influence which have had a crippling effect on the doctrinal, moral, and spiritual life of the Church in North America.

2) Evangelization: to help Catholics explain the biblical basis of the Holy Catholic Faith, its consistency with right reason, and its necessity in ways that are both accessible and challenging to those who would listen; to encourage Catholics to actively engage in the spread Christ's Kingdom on earth.

3) Apologetics: to help Catholics defend our Holy Catholic Faith to non-Catholics, especially to Protestants, by the use of right reason and biblical arguments that are NOT meant for experts.

Tower of David Ministry is committed to spreading the authentic teachings of the holy Roman Catholic Church as promulgated by the magisterium: the Pope and those bishops united with him. It might be asked by what right have we to organize such an apostolate? It is by our Baptism and Confirmation by which we have not only the right, but the obligation, to proclaim Christ and the teachings of His Church. Throughout the Second Vatican Council all lay people were in fact encouraged to do just this. In "Lumen Gentium" (On the Church, 33 and 35) we are told that:

"The apostolate of the laity is a sharing in the salvific mission of the Church. In Baptism and Confirmation all are appointed to this apostolate by the Lord himself... Therefore, even when occupied by temporal affairs, the laity can, and must, do valuable work for the evangelization of the world... [T]he whole laity must cooperate in spreading and in building up the kingdom of Christ. let the laity, therefore, diligently apply themselves to a more profound knowledge of revealed truth."

We are told in "Apostolicam actuositatem" (On the Apostulate of Lay People, 6) that, after the ministries of the clergy, there is:

"room however for a highly important part for the laity, the part namely of "helping the cause of truth" (3 Jn.8)..."

"We must do this not only by how we live, but by: announcing Christ by word, either to unbelievers to draw them towards the Faith, or to the faithful to instruct them, strengthen them, incite them to a more fervent life; "for Christ's love urges us on" (2 Cor.5:14), and in the hearts of all should the apostle's words find echo: `Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel' (1 Cor.9:16)."

As lay Catholics we have both a right and a duty, as proscribed by Canon Law, to defend the Faith and combat heresy in all its varied forms. In Canon 212, paragraph 3 we are told that the faithful:

"have the right, indeed at times the duty... to manifest to the sacred pastors their views on matters which concern the good of the Church. They have the right also to make their views known to others of Christ's faithful. But in doing so they must always respect the integrity of faith and morals..."


Tower of David Ministry provides a number of services to help Catholics share, explain and defend the Holy Catholic Faith: lectures* at parishes, colleges, and conferences; along with tracts and booklets. Our products don't have any fancy packaging or highly glossy covers. We are more concerned with substance than with appearance because we want YOU in your daily life to be able to defend and spread the one true Faith given to us by Jesus Christ. This concern should make obvious the fact that it is not the packaging, but the contents of our products by which you will be better equipped and informed to defend and spread the Holy Catholic Faith.

The Twenty-one Ecumenical Councils of the Church
    This tape series is an exciting study of the 21 general councils of the Catholic Church, emphasizing dogmas and the doctrinal controversies leading up to solemn definitions and condemnations binding on all Christians. Learn the great wisdom of Holy Mother Church guiding her children through the ages:

    -Learn how the Church has dealt with doctrinal and moral crises in the past;
    -Learn how this can relate to and affect our lives today;
    -Learn both the triumphs and the mistakes made in the past;
    -Learn why truth, Godís revealed truth and our belief in it, has practical consequences for our lives and for society;
    -Learn why the Church has had to define dogmas;
    -Learn how this can help us deal with the crisis of faith within the Church today; and there IS a serious crisis.

    You will learn what successful remedies are needed for the triumph of the traditional Catholic Faith over the enemies of the Church, both within and without. In this series alone one receieves a course study on the papacy, on Church history, on dogmatics, on ecclesiology (study of the Church in her nature/constitution, attributes,etc.), all oriented in helping Catholics address the current crisis of faith, morals, and authority within the Church.

    There is nothing out there like this series on the Church's major councils.
   22 tapes, one per council (Council of Trent has two tapes) for $110.00


Tracts are a great tool to conveniently defend and spread the Catholic Faith on a number of different points. They can help "whet the appetites" of those who are curious about the Catholic Church and her teachings. Tracts can be conveniently distributed almost anywhere. They are perfect in this age of tight schedules where people give little time, among other things, for reading.

Tracts are $1.00 per 20 or see set prices below.

-The TOWER OF TRUTH tract series deals with the teachings and unique claims of the Catholic Church by proving their foundation in both Sacred Scripture and right reason. The titles of these tracts are self-explanatory.

T-1: The Roman Catholic Church: A Human Invention or a Divine Institution?

T-2: The Papacy: A Human Invention or a Divine Institution?

T-3: Should Mary be called the Mother of God? A Catholic Fantasy or Biblical Fact

T-4: The Immaculate Conception: A Roman Deception or Divine Conception?

T-5: The Catholic Mass: A Human Invention or Divine Institution?

T-6: The Crucifix: Does this image detract from the glory of the risen Christ?

T-7: The Merit of Merits: Without Them, No One Can Please God

Tower of Truth set: (10 each) $7.00

-The TOWER OF DEFENSE tract series puts forth biblical and logical arguments which defend the Catholic Faith by demonstrating how Protestantism cannot stand up to serious scrutiny. This series does not attempt to prove particular Catholic positions in the positive sense. What it does is disprove the Protestant position by use of right reason and the Bible itself. By doing so it will defend and uphold the Catholic position in a negative way.

D-1: Sola Scriptura: Fact or Fantasy? This tract exposes the error of this foundational doctrine of Protestantism and how the Bible itself refutes it. By doing so, it proves that any system which holds this belief cannot be of God, and hence, cannot stand.

D-2: By Faith Alone: Fact or Fantasy? This tract reveals how the Protestant doctrine which holds that faith alone is sufficient for salvation is a man made fantasy, refuted by both the Bible and logic.

D-3: Ecumenism and the Attributes of God: Is There A Basis for Cooperation? An irrefutable argument, based on the nature of truth as an attribute of God, which proves that the failure to believe in just one dogma of the Church is in reality a failure to believe in God. Thus proving the need not for mere cooperation with Protestants and other non-Catholics, but the need for evangelization.

D-4: One Lord, One Faith: Can Catholics and Evangelicals Agree - Even on Essentials? This tract demonstrates how Protestants in general, and Evangelicals in particular, do not agree with Catholics on even the essentials of the Christian Faith. Namely: the authority of God and the Person and work of Jesus Christ.

D-5: Eternal Security: Biblical Truth or Man-made Fantasy? This tract exposes the fallacy of this belief along with how the Bible itself refutes it.

Tower of Defense set (10 each): $5.00


    Our booklets are expanded versions of many of our tracts. These booklets present in greater detail biblical and historical arguments, magisterial documents and arguments from right reason of the truth and claims of the Catholic Church as well as the incompatibility of Protestantism with the Bible, right reason, and history. All of these booklets are meant to be handy tools for defending and spreading the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church.

B-1: The Roman Catholic Church: A Human Invention or A Divine Institution?
A biblical and historical argument proving the Roman Catholic Church is the one true Church established by Jesus Christ. Find out where in the Bible: *the one Church of Jesus Christ is identified as being both "Roman" and "Catholic"; *it is declared that the Church of Rome is "filled with all knowledge"; *it is revealed that "all the local churches of Christ acknowledge the primacy of the Roman Church; *it is revealed that the Church of Rome is the apostolic center of the world-wide Church of Christ; *it is revealed that God will crush Satan under the feet of the Church of Rome. Thus the Roman Catholic Church is actually named and recognized as having the authority and primacy and the very attributes which only the one Church established by Christ can have.......$9.98 Order the new edition here Order Here

B-2: One Lord, One Faith: Can Catholics and Evangelicals Agree - Even On Essentials?
    This is a critical examination, using biblical texts, magisterial documents and right reason, which demonstrates how Protestants have a completely different faith and religion than Catholics. In fact, this work demonstrates conclusively that Protestants profess and believe in a different Jesus Christ, a man-made fantasy, than the true God-man of Scripture and the Catholic Church. Thus it proves that the only true ecumenism consistent with immutable truth and infallible Church teaching is that of evangelization. Anything else is a false ecumenism......$4.00

B-3: Sola Scriptura (The Bible Alone): Fact or Fantasy?
    Proves how this foundational belief of Protestantism is false and how the Bible itself refutes it. This argument demonstrate how any system which holds this belief cannot be of God and thus cannot stand. The argument from part one alone totally destroys any justification for the existence of Protestantism. The presentation in part two proves the Catholic dogma that God's Word is not limited to what is written, but is contained also in Sacred Tradition. Part three shows how the Catholic Old Testament with its 46 books, as opposed to the Protestant "OT" which contains only 39 books, is the very one the Apostles and early Church Fathers used and quoted from.......$4.50

B-4: Mary: Mother of God or Mother Goddess?
    Answers the question: Does the Mary of the Bible deserve the exaltation the Catholic Church gives her? Is the title "Mother of God" a Roman invention? Or has God revealed this as a truth necessary for belief? This work proves from the Bible and from early Church history that the Blessed Virgin Mary has always been acknowledged as the Mother of God. Shows from the Bible how Our Lady is exalted, thus deserving of the veneration which only Catholics give to her. Shows how those who fail to honor the Blessed Mother, fail to honor the work of God, and thus fail to honor God in His works.......$4.00

B-5: Catholic Liturgy and the Mass: A Human Invention or A Divine Institution?
    Proves from Sacred Scripture and from the consequences of the Incarnation that 1) the Catholic form of worship, as liturgical and sacrificial, is that one established by God Himself, and 2) that the worship of God must include the very sacrifice of Christ offered up on the cross, which only the Mass fulfills. Demonstrates that what the Lord Jesus Christ performed at the Last Supper in fulfilling the Old Covenant worship and establishing the worship of the New Covenant is the foundation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass......$4.00

B-6: Sacramentalism: The Actions of Men or the Actions of Christ?
    This booklet demonstrates: 1) that the sacraments are a necessary consequence of the Incarnation, 2) that they are a necessary means of grace as a result of how God created us, and 3) that no one can have a true personal relationship with Jesus Christ and receive His mark upon the soul except by means of the sacraments. Hence, their necessity for salvation. Hence, the refutation of the Protestant doctrine, "Sola Fide" (by faith alone are men saved).......$4.00

B-7: Veneration of the Saints: Dethronement of Christ or the Display of His Glory?
    Explains the biblical principle that Christ reveals His glory in and through His holy saints and how God manifests His greatness in His works (i.e. saints). This work thus refutes any and all Protestant objections to this teaching and practice. Explains why those who fail (or refuse) to honor those whom God has honored will be condemned. Shows that the failure to honor the saints is a failure to honor Christ, for their lives are the work of Christ and His Spirit made manifest down through history. Proves from the Bible that we are commanded to honor God's saints.......$4.00

B-8: The Final Word
    A unique collection of over 100 dogmatic pronouncements of the Catholic Church; when they were declared; at what council; by which pope; where to find them; the scriptural references for each dogma, and more. An excellent and handy reference tool for adult education, catechesis, evangelization, and apologetics. The introduction is both a defense of dogmas and how the Church teaches they must be understood, as well as a unique exposť of the deceptive Modernist method of interpreting dogmas. Nothing like it in the English language!.......$10.98... Order the new expanded edition here:

B-9: Outside the Catholic Church There Is No Salvation: An Argument Based on the Nature of Truth
    This booklet presents an ontological argument -in popular form- on the indivisibility of Divine Truth (i.e., dogmas) which defends this solemnly defined dogma against those who would allow exceptions to it and the consequences which necessarily flow from it.......$4.00

B-10: Belief, Baptism, and Body Membership
    A presentation and compilation of ordinary and extraordinal magisterial documents on the necessity of holding the Catholic Faith, of water Baptism, and membership in the Catholic Church for those who are to be saved. With these statements in your hands, you will have a great tool to use or give to those who believe contrary to these defined dogmas.......$4.50

B-11: Dogmatic Deception: How Churchmen of Today "Reduce to a Meaningless Formula the Necessity of Belonging to the True Church in Order to Gain Eternal Salvation" (Pius XII)
NOW OUT OF PRINT - A NEW EXPANDED AND MORE DETAILED FULL BOOK EDITION IS IN THE WORKS!     This book refutes those efforts by both liberals and "conservative" Modernists who either deny this dogma or allow exceptions to it by exposing their methods by which they interpret the dogmas of the Church, methods which have been solemnly condemned by the Church. Refutes and destroys the "baptism" of desire position...New price not set yet.

B-12: Life-Giving Waters: An Adult Catechism on Baptism with Definitive Magisterial Answers to Questions
    Deals with the nature and effects of the Sacrament of Baptism, the graces received, its necessity for salvation without exception, and dogmatic truths on Baptism; includes definitives quotes from over two-dozen popes and more than one dozen Church councils. A unique resource and teaching tool for both cleric and layman.... $6.00

Bulk prices are available. Contact Adam Miller at Also, visit the Tower of David Ministry online bookstore HERE

*Adam S. Miller, the founder and director of Tower of David Ministry, is available for lectures at parishes, colleges, seminars and conferences. Mr. Miller is married and is the father of eight children. He graduated cum laude in earning degrees in both theology and philosophy from Mount St. Mary's College and Seminary in Emmitsburg, Maryland. With graduate work done in dogmatic and historical theology, Mr. Miller is a member of both Phi Sigma Tau, the national honor society in philosophy, and Theta Alpha Kappa, the national honor society in theology. Tower of David Minstry accepts donations.

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