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Art and Photo Gallery

The Works of Janine Saad

She is knows as "Mommy" to those in the Fellowship and also goes by the nickname "J9".  J9's focus is obviously in fantasy and she loves to experiment.  Her media include pencils, inks, and watercolor, while surfaces include ordinary paper, textured paper, and tracing paper (where she might paint on both sides!)

Click on the thumbnails to see the larger artwork.  They will open into a new window.


Winged Lyra
Have you ever dreamed of flying?  Have you ever wanted to see things you only imagined.  How about doing all of that with knee-high boots?  She did.

Watercolor on 140lb. mould made Strathmore paper.
(size: 25k)

Two lovers, many possibilities, one constant: they always turn to each other for support.

Watercolor and liquid acrylic on 300 lb. hand-made Arches paper.
(size: 94.9k)

A woman born from months of desolation, loneliness and a wonderful, wonderful new set of acrylic inks and the discovery of masking fluid.

Watercolor on textured paper, with a splash of acrylic inks.
(size 84.3k)

An Elfin maiden primping herself in the looking glass.

This is a bookmark-sized piece done in watercolor on textured paper.
(size 21.7k)

Another bookmark this time featuring a wizard dealing with his imp familiar.

The work is watercolor on textured paper.
(size 23.6k

Mina Welles
Janine plays this character in our Castle Falkenstein games.  Janine defines this piece as the regular style of drawing Mina.

The work is pencil on plain paper.
(size 44.6k)

The Castle Falkenstein Play-By-E-Mail game finds Mina meeting up with half of the troupe in a train to Vienna.  The encounter with French Science Minister Jules Verne and the others has done wonders for her.  Mina sheds her coveralls for more radical (scandalous by Victorian standards) garb.

This one is also pencil on plain paper.
(size 37.9k)

Janine says that if Mina were more real, she'd look like this.

Pencil on plain paper.
(size 22.2k)

The Goddess Macha incarnate
A most evocative piece protraying Janine's Red Branch warrior Eithne ni Llewelyn - showing off the tattoo that marks her as Macha's chosen one.

Rendered in pencil then ink on oslo paper.
(size 101k)

Kali Morrison
One of Janine's experiments with drawing on tracing paper.

Here she used pencil and brown ink.
(size 17.4k)

Moira Fraser
Here Janine paints on both sides of the tracing paper.

She has pencil and brown ink on the front and watercolor on the back.
(size 19.7k)

Tahara McNally Lorenzo
Janine once again paints on both sides of the tracing paper.

Pencil and brown ink on the front and watercolor on the back.
(size 24.8k)