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Art and Photo Gallery

The Works of Joey Gohu

He took on the callsign "Roach" after his cartoon character (if you look carefully you might see the little roach).  Joey's art is inspired primarily by the works of anime and manga artist Masumune Shirow, and it shows.  Roach has gotten lots of raves for his work and we are proud to present these samples to you.

You can see more of his cool works (and a comic book too) at

Click on the thumbnails to see the larger images.  They will open into a new window.


This one was originally meant as a redesign for an old DC Comics character from the 1980's, Amethyst.  Thought I'd upgrade the look, the story, and submit an application to DC, but with my own ventures moving this year around home, I guess I'll just create a completely original story around her...

(size: 45.9k)

A request from Christine Villarosa to draw her character, Sylia, who is a half-elf sorceress from one of our Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, "Nights Below".

Water soluble Pencils.
(size: 56.6k)

Another sorceress from the Eye of Myrkul campaign.  As expected, I meet a lot of people and players in playing role-playing games. I mean the ol' fashion paper, pencil, dice, and tabletop.  This one, is a sorceress design requested by Gladys Pia, but was never claimed.  We kinda fell out of contact.  Oh well....

(size: 57.6k)

Celeste from the Eye of Myrkul campaign.  Played by Christine Villarosa

Pencils, colored in PhotoShop.
(size: 81.2k)

illyra, also from the Eye of Myrkul campaign.  Played by Mitchie... another design requested by another girl who's growing on me.  This character sports an egyptian motiff and is supposed to be half celestial. CG to follow as soon as I finish.

(size: 62.7k)

"Carnage" features the character Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion holding on to the Longinus Spear.  The scene is the aftermath of an angelic war.

(size: 45.2k)

The emulator Ishtar from "Macross II", these vocalists who pass out tactical orders to the Zentraedi and Meltraendi troops through their singing.  The singing likewise acts as a form of inspiration for the soldiers.


The Iczer sisters.

(size 61.2k)

Eve from "Megazone23".  Eve is a holographic representation of an artificial intelligence program of the Bahamoud master computer, which controls the Megazone colony ship.  Her image was supposedly derived from the appearance of the original programmer of the Bahamoud computer, Eve Tokimatsuri.  The character was originally created and drawn by Haruhiko Mikimoto, the creator of Macross.  I decided to see how it would turn out with a Shirow inspired style instead.

(size 43.9k)

Aeris, from "Final Fantasy VII"... what would she look like if she were a real person?  I decided to find out.  The drawing was made without any model.

(size 29.5k)

Would you believe that this is a handmade cassette cover of Ghost in the Shell?  Well, it is.

Watercolor and poster paints.
(size 53.0k)

Ishtar from Macross II.

This work was originally done and finished in pencil.  Later on I decided to scan and color it in the computer.
(size: 31.3k)

Tifa on a Chocobo, having the time of her life.  The Chocobo she's riding is the common form of the bird, in yellow.  The image is part of a larger full page spread featuring the main heroic characters of FFVII.

Originally done in pencils, scanned then computer colored.
(size: 63.3k)

Cloud and Aeris are riding atop my depiction of the special "Gold Chocobo", which can traverse any terrain, and even run across water. It's also a cut from the same spread "Tifa on a Chocobo" came from.

Originally done in pencils, scanned then computer colored.
(size 84.8k)