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Art and Photo Gallery

The Works of Patricia Kate Lazaro

Known as PK by her friends, Pan-chan (as she is known in AEGIS) is currently the youngest member at the community and an anime enthusiast who loves to cosplay various anime characters (along with her partner in crime, Sammi).  In between her cosplay hobby, her schoolwork, and whatever else a precocious teenager does, she finds time to do a sketch or two.

Click on the thumbnails to see the larger sketches.  They will open into a new window.


Aco Heal?
This actually happened. A mage asked for a heal from my freaky Acolyte, and.... well, you should just read the strip to find out what happened. O_O;

Done with pencils.
(size: 19.1k)

Yin and Yang
I drew it last year when I was still a bit hooked up on RO. It was also when I met my current bf... I made the pic look that way 'cause my Huntress was always the more energetic and powerful one. XD

Pencils and Ballpen.
(size: 28.2k)

ME Again
God knows I can't CG, and I'm afraid to ink it.  Band-Aided Mechanical Pencil (tm) is shown in actual size ^^; The girl isn't, obviously.  On the left side of her hip is the lead, and on the right is that Hallmark eraser thingy, though I didn't get it right, but who cares. o_o;

Done with pencils, a can of rootbeer, and a very sleepy artist. ^_~
(size: 14.4k)

Stylish Komori
A sort of a more daring version of Komori.

Used pencils...
(size: 52.1k)

Kawaii chibi-Komori-chan in Kimono
Komo-chan holding the bear Sora Mikage (Sammi's GK chara) gave her.

Used pencils...
(size: 59.3k)

Gravile Sol Lachesui
I made a weapon; The Cresant Cross.  I only needed a person to wield it.  Doing this was quite... hard... because someone was yelling and screaming at me.  Couldn't concentrate.  I hate noise.  So that's why it looks... *shrugs*

Used pencils...
(size: 48k)

So it doesn't look like the first one.  Who cares?  Just say she had a haircut. ^_^;;  Did this during the Anime Quest 2003...  and we gained fan followings~!

Used pencils...
(size: 45.7k)

Silk Boy
Dino's proposed character for Marc's GateKeepers game...  But he didn't get in.  BLEAH!  Hehe... But he's a bishie... so he's mine... mine in my little delusional dweams...

Used pencils...
(size: 20.1k)

This is a gift for my friend.  She was talking about Alex (or Alexandre Tenebres, my RPG character in a weird online RPG game) turning into a cat...  The next morning, I woke up and had this urge to draw...  o_o;

I used a normal Mongol pencil and a gel pen...
(size 38.8k)

Now this girl is Alex's wife.  That same friend of mine who talked about Alex being a cat wanted a pic of his wife.

I used pencils...
(size 38.7k)

Ah.. this girl is the bouncy 'wife' of the blood-thirsty vampire antagonist in that weird online RPG game... though she's still a 4-year-old here.  This was another gift for her.

I used colored pencils and my trusty gel pen...
(size 52.5k)

Ek... My supposed attire for the PAINBALL games... ^_^; I usually draw when I just woke up.  Ideas are still fresh in the morning... for me.

I used pencils... A messy one. >_<;
(size: 32.4k)

Komori Shinogami
I just wanted to draw something chibi... and since I haven't drawn Komori for quite some time, I figured she'd be a nice "test subject". o_o;

I used a blue pencil and a gel pen.
(size 30.9k)

I was bored... and I needed something to cheer me up, so I rubbed my pencil on the paper and just observed what'll come out of it...

I used a pencil...
(size 24.4k)