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Art and Photo Gallery

The Works of Tommy Lim Jr.

Tommy is known as "Tf" (Thief) in ROUGH and took the callsign DracheLord in AEGIS from his Falkenstein character Porsche.  He has worked with different media preferring pencil and ink for linework and computer for coloring and effects.  Some work you've already seen include the mastheads and navbar of this site.

Click on the thumbnails to see the larger image.  They will open into a new window.


TSAF06 Starblade
A combination of four hobbies.  Design: Starblade's design was finalized in 1988.  Model Making: The model was scratchbuilt in plastic in 1989. Photography: The model was photographed with normal flash, the background was photographed at 36,000 feet just out of Singapore through the window.  Both photos taken on digital camera.  Computer Art: The background was cleaned, the model was matted in, the model lighting was altered all within Photoshop.  (there will be futher lighting fixes and a little special effect added later)

(size: 28.7k)

Mecha Head
From concept to rendering.  The Mecha head was sketched with ballpen onto drawing paper.  Using the scanned drawing as a guide the Photoshop rendering was made.  Layer work and masks made from paths greatly reduced the rendering time.  The painting is of low detail because this is just one piece that will be used in a larger graphic.  The final size of this piece will be about one-third that of the thumbnail.

(sketch size: 36.3k) click on left side of image
(rendering size: 32.3k
) click on right side of image

Genre: Cyber
One of four pieces that will be composed into the Genre graphic for the splash page.

The work began as two photos; one for the head and one for the arm.  Images and concept were brought together within Photoshop.  Work here involved colorized negatives, layer masks, layer transparency, and using the desaturated picture as an airbrush mask.
(size: 19.6k

A familar graphic for those who've seen the old AEGIS website.

The clouds are by Photoshop and the dice were scanned.  The manipulations were all done in Photoshop.
(size: 8.8k)

Filipino High Technology
This was a concept that slept for nearly four years before seeing light.  It was meant to go on a T-Shirt but the commissioned printer could not reproduce the artwork faithfully enough.

Starting off with a figure in the right pose, the artwork was completely done from within Photoshop.
(size 96.3k

A page from ARCHON
Comic book coloring in Photoshop.  This is a scene from Virtual Media's ARCHON (#2).  The graphic is of the work in progress.

Line art is by the artists of Virtual Media.

L5R: Rokugan's Twilight ensemble
The Fat-Man's line art was scanned and sent to Tommy for faster coloring of the characters including hair and other textures.  The completed work was zipped off back to FV for framing, background, and finer details such as the Clan Mons and specific clothing adornments.

After scanning, all work was executed in Photoshop.
(size 80.8k)