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Updated: November 6, 2006

Gate to the Future: the GateKeepers 21 Fanlisting Forgotten Past: the RxS Fanlisting

Information in this site are subject to changes without prior notice. Some information and pictures are from the Official Gate Keepers Site, unless otherwise stated.

Gate Keepers Sequels Pages

  • Gate Keepers 1985 - sequel set in the year 1985. This page contains the information about the novel. All information in this page is from Chou Nuriko.

  • Gate Keepers 21 - sequel set in the year 2001. This page contains information about the OVA (Original Video Animation) series.

Gate Keepers TV Series and Game Sub-Sections

Anime - list of episodes, terms, and trivia. The Episode Guide has a run down for each episode, read it if you wish, but there are major spoilers there. Terms - general terms found in the anime. Trivia - some added info.

Game - has the information on the PSX game of Gate Keepers. Contents: Game Flow, Characters, and, Game and Anime Comparison.

Characters - lists characters, their profile and special attacks - if they have any.

Setting - has the list of locations both mentioned and seen in the anime. Originally, this section was under Terms->Locations, now it is moved to its own page.

Other Stuff - lists character accessories, transportation vehicles and buildings.

Music - romanization of Opening and Ending theme songs, transliteration of some songs from GK Albums, tracklists (some are translated), music review, and lyric sheet scans.

Merchandise - lists Gate Keepers goods and their information, and links on where to buy them.

Special - section that will contain anything that I want to put. The contents will either be Gate Keepers or AEGIS Files related.

Links - links to other related Gate Keepers sites.

Guestbook - where you put your say about my site.


November 6, 2006 Noticed that Chou Nuriko's scanned ID was not in the GK21/AEGIS Network ID page. Updated page for that.

April 14, 2004 - added gametrivia about Gebba-chan, modified GK Playstation Database link, added Chou Nuriko's counter argument regarding Kageyama's ability to predict the future

April 1, 2004 - obtained a scanned Miu Manaduru licence from Chou Nuriko. Now this is the real thing!! So I've made some changes on the free template I did and posted the scanned card. You might as well want to visit the new section in this site regarding GK Series, Game, and OVA seiyuus.

You might as well want to join these fanlistings
http://shun.mitsurugi.net/ (SHUN)
http://snowangel.deep-ice.com/ (YUKINO)

March 21, 2004- changed Fawkes Garde's GK link. Check out those cute sprites from his page too! Have fun!

March 20, 2004- check out GK21 for various updates. You might want to checkout the AEGIS Network ID template I (inspired from Fawkes Garde's AEGIS Agent ID) made here.

March 2, 2004- Revised GateKeepers Lyrics Database Link, added more gate transliterations in Gate, corrected Takikawa Ryukawa's name into Takikawa Mami (a minor character who appeared in Episode 17 og GK TV Series). All credits due to Chou Nuriko!

Gate Keepers 21 Info


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