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Alliance of Eclectic Gamers and Interactive Storytellers
Bridging Gamers. Building Worlds
About A.E.G.I.S.

What is A.E.G.I.S.?

AEGIS stands for the Alliance of Eclectic Gamers and Interactive Storytellers.  We are a volunteer, nonprofit group of roleplaying game enthusiasts in the Philippines, and we have made it our aim to help the many isolated gaming groups here in the country to reach out and get in touch with each other, to promote roleplaying games as the highly entertaining and educational hobby that it is, to provide a forum for discussion and sharing ideas about our favorite hobby,  to support locally authored gaming material - and of course, to be able to game with new players and game masters.

Our Vision

Gaming groups in the country, like the Philippines itself, are an archipelago - a collection of many isolated islands.

But we look forward to the time when all gamers in the Philippines can network with each other, when all gamers can share experiences and ideas with each other, plan new games, or cross over to other gaming groups to see how others play,  simply by sending email or picking up the phone.

We seek to build a community where RPG enthusiasts like ourselves can find each other with ease, a friendly community that newcomers can easily approach, a community that can even make better bargains with the businesses that cater to our hobby.

We also seek to become better gamers, to constantly improve our craft by trying out new games, exchanging ideas and insights, and in time, holding workshops and seminars.


How does one join AEGIS?

AEGIS has no formal membership as such; instead, we exist simply as a network of allies, freely joining whatever groups invite us to their games and activities and opening our own games and activities to any who are interested.   If you would like to become an ally of AEGIS, simply send us your name and contact info, and give us an idea of what your interests are.   Our primary purpose is networking, so we do not require regular attendance or giving up your ties with your current gaming group.

We can help you get in touch with other gamers, answer questions about specific games, help you find gaming material and paraphernalia (especially out-of-print material) and give you a forum where you can share your thoughts with other gamers.

What can we offer you?

AEGIS has begun to create and offer some basic services in line with our objective of bringing the Philippine gaming community together.

Gamers' Directory: we have created an online directory of gamers, through which you can contact like-minded people and make announcements about your games and activities.   We broker all contacts, acting as go-between from you to any member on our list; in this way, we protect the privacy of the directory's members.  If you would like to be included in the directory, simply send us an email with the ff. information:

Name Age Sex
Contact Info (email/ phone) Where you usually game When you usually game
Games you play Games you GM Games you want to try
Other interests

Mailing Lists: we have created several mailing lists which we use to keep in touch with all our allies online.    We have a main list that serves as a community board for social purposes, humor, and announcements, a Game Master's forum where we discuss ways and means to improve our gaming techniques and swap articles and homebrewed games and worlds, and several Play by Email Games.  You can join the main mailing list here. Afterwards you can contact the list moderators if you wish to join the other lists.

Play-by-Email Games: we are running several PBEM's, most of which are still open to new players.  Please send inquiries here.

Game Demos: we can do game demos on request, as we have many allies who are familiar with a wide variety of games.   Please send inquiries here.

Second-hand Market: selling your old gaming stuff, or looking for something hard-to-find? We may be able to help you find a buyer or seller among our allies.  Please send inquiries here.

Advocacy: if you would like to know more about roleplaying games in general, or ask us about some of the issues and perceptions surrounding the hobby, we would be happy to answer any of your questions.   Please email us.

In addition, there occasionally are open games; email us and inquire, or better yet, join the AEGIS mailing lists to get the announcements.

Our plans for the future

What does the future hold in store for AEGIS? 

Public Events: we plan to hold conventions, seminars and workshops as soon as we are able; in the meantime, we are joining hobby conventions held by major merchandisers of RPG and CCG material here in the country.

Educational Events: we want to introduce more young people to roleplaying games as a hobby, in view of the enriching and educational benefits of roleplaying; gaming positively enhances communication and team skills, spurs creativity, and encourages wider reading, all of which we would like to see more of in children.

Facilitation of Purchases: we plan to bring the gaming community together so that orders for gaming material (all of which is imported) can be pooled.  This will help us develop a much better relationship with the merchandisers catering to our hobby and bring down costs.

Currently, retailers of hobby materials such as books and supplements have only limited contact with the gaming community.   They do not have an idea of how large the market truly is, nor do they know exactly what the market wants.   As a result, these retailers are constantly guessing in the dark as to what to order and how much, and run the risk of having unsellable inventories.  Many products never even reach our shores because no one wants to take a risk on them.

By pooling our orders, we can free these retailers from the need to guess what we want and the need to keep large inventories; this will bring down costs, which means better buys for us and a possible widening of the market for the merchandisers as those who previously would not buy gaming material because of the cost begin to do so.

The future of gaming is what we, the gamers, make it.   We of AEGIS believe that bringing gamers together is the first step in realizing our dream of better, broader horizons for our beloved hobby and its enthusiasts.    So come and drop us a line, and share in our quest!   Tell us what you would like to see on our site, what events you'd like us to hold, what we can do for you as a brother or sister gamer.   We also welcome contributions to our site in the form of original artwork or fiction, original articles on gaming issues, links, and anecdotes.

Most of all, we welcome the chance to get to know you and your group;  the more bridges we build, the closer we will be to achieving our dream of a vibrant and stimulating gamers' community where we can all be at home.









AEGIS was conceptualized in 1997 and was founded on the evening of the Philippine Centennial, June 12, 1998 at a meeting held in Scribe & Brewers bookstore in Shangri-La Plaza mall.