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We gamers, by our very nature, are storytellers.  Some of us weave our tales even outside of our games, for sheer love of it.   Ever so often a Muse will whisper a story in your ear, and you just have to write it down.  Here are some of the results of the Muses' visits.

Cat O' Nine Tales
by Adrian Martinez [included May 8, 2000]

The cats of legend possess an ancient wisdom that they sometimes deign to share.   One need only be generous ...

I Hate Rainy Days
by Adrian Martinez
[included May 8, 2000]
An angel working to save the souls of those who've made the wrong kind of bargain witnesses the prelude to a dark and troubled age ...

The Inheritor

by Adrian Martinez [included May 8, 2000]

A youth finds out there is more to legend than old wives' tales - because he is heir to a legend himself.

The Salamandress

by Dariel Quiogue [included May 8, 2000]

Love and vengeance share something in common - they burn like fire.

The Summons

by Dariel Quiogue
[included May 8, 2000]
How would you welcome an old friend who has come to take your daughter away and send you to your death?  A glimpse from the shadowed histories leading to the Twilight Age.


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