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Our Vision

Gaming groups in the country, like the Philippines itself, are an archipelago - a collection of many isolated islands.

But we look forward to the time when all gamers in the Philippines can network with each other, when all gamers can share experiences and ideas with each other, plan new games, or cross over to other gaming groups to see how others play, simply by sending email or picking up the phone.

We seek to build a community where RPG enthusiasts like ourselves can find each other with ease, a friendly community that newcomers can easily approach, a community that can even make better bargains with the businesses that cater to our hobby.

We also seek to become better gamers, to constantly improve our craft by trying out new games, exchanging ideas and insights, and in time, holding workshops and seminars.

The benefits of being part of AEGIS

Ultimately, AEGIS seeks to become a nexus for gaming groups all over the country. A forum for such groups to be able to cross-pollinate ideas, share thoughts and inspirations, and a virtual meeting ground for gamers to find others who share their interests.

AEGIS has no formal membership as such; instead, we exist simply as a network of allies, freely joining whatever groups invite us to their games and activities and opening our own games and activities to any who are interested.

Being part of AEGIS, we can help you get in touch with other gamers, answer questions about specific games, help you find gaming material and paraphernalia (especially out-of-print material) and give you a forum where you can share your thoughts with other gamers. We also have a mailing list, a forum, and various events that will allow you a chance to meet new friends, try new games and network with other gamers to play the games you've always wanted to play. Also, take part in other events, such as open gaming meets, conventions, and discussions on gaming tips, styles and theory! Maybe even volunteer to run demo games for other people to share your passion for gaming and inspire others to try our creative and interactive hobby!

How do I join AEGIS?

Subscribing to the mailing list is the entry point to being part of AEGIS. Just send us an email to aegis-subscribe AT yahoo DOT com with your name, contact info, and an idea of what you interests are.

The future of gaming is what we, the gamers, make it.

We of AEGIS believe that bringing gamers together is the first step in realizing our dream of better, broader horizons for our beloved hobby and its enthusiasts. So come and drop us a line, and share in our quest! Tell us what you would like to see on our site, what events you'd like us to hold, what we can do for you as a brother or sister gamer. We also welcome contributions to our site in the form of original artwork or fiction, original articles on gaming issues, links, and anecdotes.

Most of all, we welcome the chance to get to know you and your group; the more bridges we build, the closer we will be to achieving our dream of a vibrant and stimulating gamers' community where we can all be at home.

gamers trying a board game

TRIVIA: AEGIS was conceptualized in 1997 and was founded on the evening of the Philippine Centennial, June 12, 1998 at a meeting held in Scribe & Brewers bookstore in Shangri-La Plaza mall.

More learning a card game

TRIVIA: AEGIS currently has members who are no longer based in the Philippines. There are members who are already based in the United States of America, Dubai and Australia. We also have non-Filipinos who are currently based in the Philippines who have joined the network.

Trying out a new roleplaying game

TRIVIA: AEGIS members come from all kinds of backgrounds and professions. Currently, AEGIS has members who are doctors, former congressmen, art directors, translators, radio deejays, 3D animators, lawyers, teachers, librarians, cafe owners, comicbook artists, theater and television actors, entrepenuers and company managers.