Outline of Angels
The Doctrine of Angels
I. The Existence of Angels

A.. The Bible assumes their existence.

1. 34 books (of 66 total) refer to angels.

2. Christ taught their existence (Matt.8:10; 24:31; 26:53 etc.).

B. The Bible describes their creation.

1. Angels were created by God (Ps.148:2,5; Col.1:16). Only God had no beginning (1 Tim.6:16).

2. Angels were created before the world and man (Job 38:6,7).

3. Angels were created holy (Ezek.28:15; Jude 6).

II. The Nature of Angels

A. Angels are personal beings.

1. They have intellect (Matt.28:5; 1 Pet.1:12).

2. They have emotions (Job 38:7; Luke 2:13; 15:10)

3. They have will (Jude 6).

B. Angels are spirit beings.

1. They exist as spirits ? not with material bodies (Heb. 1:14).

a. An angel can be in only one place at one time (Dan.9:21-23; 10:10-14)

b. Although they are spirit beings, they can appear in the form of men (in dreams ? Matt.1:20; in natural sight with human functions ? Gen.18: 1-8; 22: 19:1; seen by some and not others ? 2 Kings 6:15-17).

2. They cannot reproduce (Mark 12:25).

3. They do not die (Luke 20:36).

C. Angels have communicable attributes in a degree greater than man but less than God.

1. They have more knowledge than man (Matt.24:31; Luke 1:13-16) but less than God (Matt.24:36).

2. They have more power than man (2 Pet.2:11; acts 5:19) but less than God.

D. Angels are organized and ranked. One ?archangel,? Michael is named (Jude 9). There are also ?chief princes? (Dan.10:13), ?seraphim? (Is.6:1-3) and ?cherubim? (Gen.3:22-24).

III. The Ministries of Angels

A. They worship God. Angels are continually involved in praising God (Rev.4:6-11) through describing His attributes (Is.6:3) and singing praises (Rev.5:8,9).

B. They ministered to Christ. Angels announced His birth (Luke 1:26-33; 2:13), protected Him (Matt.2:13), strengthened Him (Matt.4:11; Luke 22:43), and explained to men His resurrection (Matt.28:6) and ascension (Acts 1:10,11).

C. They carry out God?s government. Angels are God?s servants (Ps.103:20; Heb.1:7) and messengers (Luke 1:19; 2:8-14). They can be involved in controlling nature (Rev.7:1; 16:3,8,9), nations (2 Kings 19:35), and Satan and demons (Dan.10:13,21; 12:1). They will perform future judgment for God (Matt.13:3a; Rev.15:1; 16:1-21).

D. They protect God?s people. Angels are sent to serve believers (Heb.1:14). They protect the godly (Ps.34:7; Dan.6:20,23), oppose our enemies (Ps.35:4,5) and are specifically assigned as guardians of individuals (Matt.18:10). They are God?s agents in answering prayer (Acts 12:7) even bringing physical provisions (Gen.21:17-20; 1 Kings 19:5-7).

E. They assist believers at death (Luke 16:22; Jude 9).

IV. We have guardian angels:

A)Psalm 91:11-

"For he will command his angels over you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands so you dont strike your foot against a stone"

B)"See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in Heaven." (Mat 18:10)

C)"Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it." (Heb 13:2)