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"Why Was AFVN There?"

You Can Hear and See AFVN Radio-TV Again Below

 Ask SGT Wayne Gunderson, 1st of the 69th Armored as he listens to AFVN on his tank... 
Ask CPL Wayne Raschdorf USMC as he watches AFVN in his hooch in H&MS-11 in Da Nang... 
 Ask a trooper of K Troop 3/11 Armored Cav as he watches AFVN on his bunk... 

[photo copyright 1968 Bob Hersey
of K Troop 3/11 Armored Cav]

 Ask Earl Weeks as he watches AFVN in his hooch... 

"AFVN was there to support the Troops..."

Hear and See AFVN Again Below

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[ If you served with AFVN, click here to see your friends again!]

The AFVN Story

Radio Broadcast summarizing the history of the Network
Narrated by Army Specialist Scott Manning
this 27 minute sound and music history includes the sounds
of two bomb attacks on the station while it was on the air.
recording sent by Doug Jennings
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AFVN Radio

Music and Features

Authentic Vietnam War Popular Music Radio Shows
[Historical audio 'documents' - sound may be scratchy]
Some shows will automatically appear with 'AFVN slides' - that is, as 'music videos'

We hope to have music again at a future date when a new sponsor can help us deal with copyright issues.
AFVN Sign On with National Anthems of South Vietnam and the USA Slide show


Outline of AFVN news - 1969 15 minutes
with SGT Jim Kaiser, SGT Robert MacArthur,
LT George Lawrence, SGT Dave Kramer

Radio News 1968 1000 Hours - 4:20 secs
American Warplanes Engaged in Record Actions - with Sgt Dan Ziegler
Radio News Sunday 1968 1000 Hours - 5 minutes
California Mud Slides and Paris Peace Talks - with SP4 Gary Gears
Radio News 3 Mar 69 0700 Hours - 5 minutes
Mideast Peace is Tenuous, Eisenhower Weakening - with CPL Rick Frederickson
Radio News 29 Mar 69 0900 Hours - 5 minutes
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower is Dead - with SP4 Bruce Dadd
Radio News 31 Dec 69 2100 Hours - 5 minutes
Russia Reinforces Mediterranean Fleet - with SP4 Bob Lawrence
voice changes in newscast above for unknown reason
Radio News 31 Dec 69 2200 Hours - 5 minutes
Nixon Visits Western White House - with SP4 Bob Lawrence
Radio News/Stocks/Sports 3 Jul 71 - 15 minutes
US Plane Skyjacked - with AF Sgt Gene LeRoy
Radio News Jan 73 6 pm - 5 minutes
POW Release approaches - with Airman Linda Liston
Radio News Jan 73 5 pm - 5 minutes
Sen. Stennis Shot in DC - with SP5 Jerry Elliott
Radio News 3 Feb 73 - 5 minutes
Pres. Thieu's Envoys to Meet VC Reps in Paris - with Airman Linda Liston
Radio News Feb 73 5 pm - 5 min
VC and NV Name POWs to be Released - with SP4 Tom Fowlston
Radio News Feb 73 5 pm - 5 minutes
POWs RELEASED! - with SP4 Tom Fowlston
Radio News Feb 73 6 pm - 5 min
Released POWs en route to USA - with SP4 Tom Fowlston
Radio News 22 Mar 73 6 pm - 5 minutes
U.S. Wants POWs Released from Laos - with SP5 Bob Morecock
Radio News 22 Mar 73 7 pm  - 5 minutes
U.S. Withdrawal Tied to Laos POW Releases- with SP5 Bob Morecock
Australia Radio News in Vietnam 27 Nov 70 or 71 - 1 minute
Papal Visit to Australia - with Mike Frazer
National Public Radio reviews the role of radio in the Vietnam War - 15 minutes

TV News is below
Free RealPlayer


Songs of War in Vietnam - 22 min
Soldiers Compose and Perform Heroic Songs - Ike Pappas of CBS


Sports Report Feb 73 - 5 min
NFL to Complete Player Draft - with SP5 Jerry Elliott


The Bob Hope Show - December 1968
Direct from Long Binh, South Vietnam - 1.5 hours of humor and music
"The Chain of Command" - 6 min
AF Sgt. Don Cotterell - 1973

Hear Announcements including "Lube your M-16", "Your GI Bill",
"Amnesty for Drug Users" and many more - [with slides of AFVN Saigon vets] - 18 min

AFVN Television Broadcasts

Lead Story - "Neutral Military Observers Prepare to Supervise the Vietnam War's End"

with Army SP4 Bob Morecock and Army SP5 Jerry Elliott
Good picture and sound
NEWS [Part 1 of 3] [Part 2 of 3] [Part 3 of 3]
SPORTS [Part 1 of 2] [Part 2 of 2]
Free RealPlayer

Lead Story - "Senator Thomas Eagleton Will Not Run for Vice-President"

with Navy JO2 Terry Oliver
Fairly good picture and sound, a few break-ups
[Part 1 of 3] [Part 2 of 3] [Part 3 of 3]
Free RealPlayer

Lead Story - "President Thieu Says Vietnamese Invasion of Laos Continues"

News and Weather by Navy JO3 Keith Swann, Sports by Marine GySgt Jack Holsomback
Good picture and sound of announcers. Backgrounds and on-air slides are faint. All news stories missing except first.
Click Here to View AFVN TV Newscast

TV Weather with Bobbie Keith in Saigon

Ms. Bobbie Keith was a civilian living in Saigon who volunteered to do TV weather for AFVN

This weather cast starts off with a promo for R and R in Thailand, gives temps around the Orient,
and closes with a great scene of Bobbie dancing for the camera.

Part One See Bobbie Keith do AFVN TV Weather again.
Part Two See the Surprise On-Air Birthday Party for Bobbie
[Paul Baldridge presents her the cake!]

Video Visits to AFVN Stations and Nearby Areas

Visit AFVN Saigon and Nearby

Fuzzy, silent, 1972 8MM film of AFVN sites
8mm film by Bob Morecook and Manny Harper

Visit AFVN Quang Tri + Hue and Saigon

[Slideshow option has clearer pictures]
8MM film shot and narrated by 1LT Steve Wiltsie

Visit AFVN Da Nang

Music Video of a visit to AFVN DaNang
Currently disabled - under revision

Visit AFVN Hue

A Brief Tribute to AFVN Hue Over-run on 4 Feb 68

Visit AFVN Project Jenny

Project Jenny provided radio and TV from airborne studios early in the war.
Click here to see the Blue Eagle Aircraft fly again in a short video.


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