American Forces Vietnam Network - AFVN

Official AFVN Listener and Watcher Surveys were done three times -- each measured how satisifed users were with the music, news and sports provided by the network.

Each survey also includes a brief OFFICIAL history of the network.

The historic 1968 survey is provided by [then] GMG3 Ken Kalish, and was written by LCDR James Wentz.

The other two surveys are provided by [then] 1LT Steve Wiltsie -- the 1970 report written by him, the 1971 report written by CPT Gunar Grubaums.

1968 AFVN Survey
1968 AFVN Audience Survey
by LCDR James Wentz, USN

1970 AFVN Survey
1970 AFVN Audience Survey
by 1LT Steve Wiltsie, USA

1971 AFVN Survey
1971 AFVN Audience Survey
by CPT Gunar Grubaums, USA

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