I would like to thank Professor Daniel Borus for his guidance through the entire process of writing this paper, from narrowing the topic to critiquing the rough drafts. Your help has been invaluable and you have taught me more than I ever imagined I would learn from this experience. I cannot fully express my gratitude for the help you have provided.

Thanks to Professor Robert Westbrook for serving as my second reader. Your teaching has inspired my work over the last two years, and I am in debt to you for going beyond the call of duty in helping me in my education.

Thank you to Professor Joanne Rubin for her guidance and criticism, and for taking the time from her other courses and her own research to teach the Honors Seminar.

I would like to thank Katherine O’Sullivan for reading my rough draft and providing her input in such a timely and thoughtful fashion. I promise, I will never stop trying to make my writing style more artistic and entertaining. Unfortunately, I will always love commas.

I owe my thanks to all my friends down in the Ruth Merrill Center here at the University of Rochester for listening to me complain about this thesis all year, especially Scott Jennings, Melissa Edelman, and Jason Smith, who took the time to read it during its final revisions. We were right last year; one of the biggest reasons anyone writes an honors thesis is to have something to complain about.

Finally, I would like to thank my mother, Joyce Sabis, for her constant urging and support. I wouldn’t have finished this work without your love and encouragement.

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