In the name of Allah (SWT) the Most Merciful

All praise belongs to Allah (SWT) the Originator, the Creator, the Bestower, the Guide, the Helper, the Support, the AlMighty on whom depend all but who is Independent, Unique.

Praise to the Lord who is the Originator of all Good. All good emanates from Him and thrives on His power. Like all other lowly beings, I submit my abilities and my gifts that He has given me to his service. Man can never thank the AlMighty enough. But yet must try and strive to submit as much service as can be - for the most is not sufficient.

In the court of my Lord, the All-Seeing, the All Hearing from whom nothing is hidden, I submit my service in whatever way I'm able to accomplish. May my efforts be rewarded and blessed by the Merciful, the Giver Inshallah - Behaqqe Masoomeen (as) who are His dearest and closest servants who He chose and sent to guide the nations of Mankind.

Islamic Vision Series
Research Paper # 1 (version 3) - Concept of Du'a
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