Indiana Waterfalls


Thistlethwaite Falls


  Thistlethwaite Falls are located in Richmond. The falls are named after Timothy Thistlethwaite who in 1854 dammed the water of the river, thereby changing the course of the river and forming the falls. I visited the falls on April 14, 2001.

  To get to the falls, take US 27 into Richmond. Go west on Waterfall Rd. You'll go over a bridge. The falls are located on the south side of the bridge. Go just past the bridge and park in Springwood Park which is located on the north side of the bridge. Walk back to the road. Near the bridge you will see a private property sign (United States Workers of America) with a green gate. Directly left of this gate is a little sign that says Gorge Trail Entrance. The falls are only couple hundred feet along the trail from here. If for some reason the bridge is out thereby closing through traffic on Waterfall Rd. as it was when I visited, go down to the Sim Hodgin Parkway (a couple blocks south of Waterfalls Rd.) Take the Pkwy west, then head north on Bridge Ave. This will meet up with Waterfall Rd. Turn right (east) and you will soon see Springwood Park on your left.


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