Gullible's Travels

"One mad Irishwoman takes on the world"

Last Known Location: Somewhere in Europe

Gullible's Travels Officially ended Dec 2000
But the Journey will continue

NEW OCT 2002 !! The Sequel to Gullible's Travels is in the making. Read about all new adventures but in less exotic locations!

Contact me on email for details on how to get hold of the sequel

If you're thinking this page looks a little screwed, and for that I mean WAY out of date, your right. I wiped my usual index page so while my sys admin (or should that be sis-admin) finds my old file, we'll have to make do with this one.
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Ok folks this is the definative guide to my travellings in the year 99/00, so a warm welcome to friends, family, enemies and those of you weird web surfers that have happened upon these pages by accident. Eventually I may get time chronical all my tours thusfar but not in the immediate future. For more information as to why I'm doing this, try the background page, its also got some useful links.

I was short of time when doing up this site and will be even shorter on time when updating it so I don't want to hear any bitching about how basic it looks, OK?
Anyone who ended up accidentally and is looking for flashy graphics and tons of java better bugger off now. I remember a time when you couldn't even get coloured backgrounds and we were glad of it.....I'll tell you boy!

Rough Plans

After I get to Oz the plans are a little shaky but the idea is to work in Perth till at least June so if anyone would like to visit me there, Jan to June is a good time. I'll have to tour Oz, Nz and four islands in the pacific all before October 2000.

Here's the world map which I am quite proud of even though its only nicked off You can follow my journey through a series of clickable maps.

Last Updated : 06th Oct 2002

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