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25/12/2005 - 1 comic up and 2 characters. I know, it's Christmas, i shouldn't be working or i should be like, wasting my time, but actually I'M WORKING BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT!!! Soon I'll go read the bible. It's an awesome book. It's got heaps of inspiration.

07/12/2005 - 3 comics up.

07/12/2005 - I started the site. Oh yes, and i read those ab. thingys 'day/month/year' so if you read them differently, i didn't want you getting confused. OR SO IT WOULD SEEM. Anyway, I put the site up today. Well, not really, but whatever I'm doing I'm making progress. Yes. That's what I'm doing...Yup. Two comics up.

*cough* Aaaahem. All of these Kao ani.'s are not mine (except for the weird white one that can only do one expression and looks extremely unaccurate.) and are property or whoever made them. Which could be just about anyone. EVEN YOUR FRIEND. Yeah, so I give them credit for which they made. If you people actually want your names, then email them to me. But since i don't know your names, we'll leave it at that.