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One day it occurred to me that I don't have any of my fiction archived anywhere...so, I decided to create a site to archive the stories I've created thus far and may create in the future. I am also offering this space to give aspiring writers a chance to get their feet wet, so to speak. If any author has fictional work based upon any of the personalities covered within this site, please email me with said work and I will post it to its' own page.

In my unending search of the universe for a new celestial body to orbit, a new star in the heavens has streaked across my horizon and captured my attention...Mr. Stuart Townsend. Once I saw him in Queen of the Damned, playing my all time favorite bad boy Lestat, I decided it was time to peer into my telescope and take a closer look. What I've seen of this heavenly body's work, has led me to believe that his life will not be that of a shooting star.

Hello...once again my attention has been set free from earthly confines after many hours of lovingly searching the heavens. I am most certain that by now this beautiful young man has been spied by more deserving eyes than mine. However, I feel it my civic duty to add him to my site. Mr. Orlando Bloom portrays Legolas Greenleaf in the Lord of The Rings Trilogy...but, I expect to see more great works from this new star as he ascends higher in the heavens.


HET stories are those that contain characters engaged in Male/Female sexual relationships.

SLASH stories are those that contain characters engaged in Male/Male or Female/Female sexual relationships.

All stories have material of adult content with explicit sexual situations and language.

Be warned, if you are under 18...


Mini Bio and Filmography for Stuart Townsend

Mini Bio and Filmography for Orlando Bloom

Email addy: ahnjunae@hotmail.com


This site is not affiliated with any of the personalities listed herein in any way, shape, or form. The stories on this site are created for personal enjoyment only and are not meant to demean any other person in any way. Neither I nor any other author that has work posted to this site are seeking any type of monetary profit from these stories.

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