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New School Year: The 2000-2001 Year has began, This year we are under the leadership of C/LTC Leos. The Battalions size has had a sagnificant increase and we have a new AI MSG Williams. Our unit this year is now a full AJROTC unit.

Raider Challeng
e: Raider Challenge is now over. It's an octathalon of everything we learn in JROTC and if you successfully complete these events you recieve the coveted "Red Beret"
Those who have Qualified are:
John Zimmerman, Joseph Zimmerman, Melanie Hughes, and Laura Barrerra

Award Ceremon
y: On April 20, 2000 at 6:30 the AHS Pride Battalion had it's first annual spring award ceremony at the ILC. More than 15 awards were given out at the ceremony. The Superior Cadet and the Raider Challenge Beret will be given out at the Academy Awards. Information on the awards presented can be found in the awards section.

Military Ba
ll: Coming up May 13, 2000 at 18:30, we will be holding our 5th annual military ball at Club 19 at NAS Kingsville. You must be a cadet or the date of a cadet to attend.