Nature Art Shop

Bringing nature a little closer to you

Collage Nature Art


Green from within. Turn your living room into
your own Garden of Eden.
Check out our unique collage botanical artworks.

Collage Nature Art
enter our catalog of collage artworks

Say it with style, say it with ...

Hand-made greeting cards

Hand-made greeting cards
view our selection of hand-made greeting cards

Bouquet mini cards
Ideal as attachment cards for gifts or bouquets of flowers

Batik Art Collection

Batik paintings, Merang paintings and oil paintings
from the Malay archipelago.
Unique artform which is only employed in South East Asia.

Batik Art Paintings
view our catalog of batik art pantings

Hanging Batik Art
Batik art pieces which are hung on wall as decoration

Merang Art
a unique artform using bamboo on velvet

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 Nature Art Shop

Nature Art Shop has three sections.

The first deals with collage artworks using nature as its theme. We call it
Collage Nature Art.
The artworks here
are unique and they help put a touch of nature into your homes.

The second section features hand-made
greeting cards. Say it with style, say it with
Hand-made greeting cards.

Our new third section showcase unique
Batik Art Collection.
These artworks are from the finest craftsmen of Indonesia.


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