Babel Bibliography

I could have listed lot of space opera books to read as inspiration for game mastering, but i choose only a dozen titles. I think these books are valuable for understanding Babel's atmosphere, and some of them inspired me during the creation of the game universe. And finally, they are good books that you'll enjoy to read.
As the majority of these books, the main topic of Babel is cultural conflicts ( not necessarily between alien cultures):

Some RPG books can also be valuable:

And finally the best strategic interstellar wargame Imperial Starfire (Task Force Game) is a must have for all SF lovers.

A little thanks to Keith Giffen,one of the best SF comics author (Legion of Super-Heroes,Omega Men,Legion...), for his fabulous works that inspired me many of the alien races inhabiting the Babel's sector.

The illustrations has been made with some really cool 3D tools like Cinema 4D and Vue d'esprit. The majority of the spaceships meshes has been created by others than me (didn't get the time nor the talent for it).

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