ENCYCLOPEDIA GALACTICA : a fast explanation

Tech Level: it's the technological level achieved by the race.
Size : this is the number of systems controlled.
Age : it 's the age of the interstellar nation.

Economic rating: it's a measure of the economic strength of the nation in a linear scale rating.
For comparison,20th century Earth's economic power is rated 0.42.
Military rating: it's a measure of the military power of the nation based on the quantity of
armements,quality of troops and military budget.For comparison,20th century Earth's military power is rated 0.42.
Population: total population.

it's a quantification of a race's aptness to the use of military force to resolve difficulities.It combines ferocity,military tradition,courage ... The better the Militancy,the more likely a race is to resort to war in a threat and the more willing it is to accept casualties in warfare.
Like the other attributes,Militancy ranges between 0 and 20.
it's a quantification of a race's obstinacy, or how likely it is to persevere in a course of action once adopted.Don't confound with Militancy, a race need not to be militant to be determined.
Racial tolerance:
it's a quantification of how the race view other sentient races.It combines fear of the unknown, arrogance, caution... The higher the tolerance, the easier the contact with alien civilizations.
it's a quantification of how the race deals with the desire to improve and progress. The higher the Progressiveness, the more likely a race prefers change to static conditions.
it's a quantification of how the race trusts his government. The higher the Loyalty, the more likely the race will die for his rulers.
Social cohesion:
it's a quantification of how united is the race.The higher the Cohesion, the more likely the race will share the same opinions.

the appearance of the race.
Psi Ability:
the psychic power of the race,the better the ability, the better the chance to find a psi within the population.

Chronology: the history of the nation.

Babel Sector :

Systems :
number of systems controlled in the Babel sector.
number of the total population in the Babel sector.

Order of battle:

Capital Ships:
MT: Monitor
SD: Super Dreadnought
CVA: Capital Carrier
FTA: Capital Freighter

First line Ships:
CA: Heavy Cruiser
BC: BattleCruiser
BB: Battleship
CV: Carrier
FT: Freighter
AS: Assault Ship

Second line Ships:
FG: Frigate
DD: Destroyer
CL: Light Cruiser
CVL: Light Carrier
CVE: Escort Ship Carrier
FTL: Light Freighter
ASL: Light Assault Ship

Fast Ships:
ES: Escort Sip
CT: Corvette

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