HardCore FUZION:

Babel's characters will often have a need for computers. So here are basic rules for using computers.

Using Computers

In general, using a computer requires the Computer operation skill. An untrained character can perform basic tasks (word processing, playing a game, etc.) without knowing computer technology per se. Anything more complicate requires the use of a specific skill.

Computer operation represents a character's ability to effectively use and operate a computer including manipulating programs and infiltrating networks.

Cybernetic systems allows a character to use and operate cybernetic computers.

Programming allows a character to write computer codes and modify existing programs to achieve a desired effect.

Hardware is the character's expertise in repair and maintenance of computers.

Computer engineering represents a character's knowledge and proficiency with the physical components that make up a computer including designing and building his own computer.

Computer characteristics

Computers have two main stats, CPU and Storage Memory (MEM). These two stats are expressed in Data Units (DU). Huge means a computer can store or run one Huge program and an unlimited number of programs lighter than 100 DU. Unlmt means the computer can store/run an unlimited number of programs.

CPU determines the number of programs that can be in use at a given time.

Storage Memory determines the number of programs that can be stored in the computer data banks.

Computer descriptions

Computers came in several aspects:


A vast range of programs are available. They are rated in terms of DU of capacity required to store them in CPU and Storage memory. The number of programs that may be run simultaneously in the CPU is equal to the CPU's capacity. Attempting to cover every program type is impossible, instead here are some typical programs. The GM is free to create his own programs.

Programs came in three quality: Average, Good and Excellent. Based on the quality, their performance will vary.
For programs that give a bonus to a skill, Average quality will give a +1 bonus, Good a +2 and Excellent a +3.
Good quality programs have a x1.5 Cost modifier, and Excellent a x2 Cost modifier.
Title Size Cost
General Library 5 500
Research Library 10 1000
Engineering Library 10 1000
Technical Library 2 500
Recreational 1 50
Network protocol 1 400
Assist 10 1000
Archive Huge/Unlmt N/A
Datascan 1 200


Computers and TL

In order to use a program created at a certain TL, you need a computer of the same or higher TL. For example, a TL 7 program won't run on TL 6 computer.
A program works most efficiently when the computer matches the program TL. For every TL level of difference, the user will get a -2 penalty to any action involving this outdated program.

Specific rules

Here are optional and more detailed rules for computers.

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