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Tech Level     : Unknown
Size           : At least 200 systems
Age            : Estimated 200 years
Economic rating: The Hive do not engage in trade.
Military rating: Unknown; most likely very high
Population     : Unknown

Racial Characteristics (Star Generator infos) Appearance : Insectoid Government : Imperialism Environment : Burrowing/Land dwelling Reproduction : Two sexes, egg laying Diet : Omnivore Lifespan : 150 years Mass : 275 kg. Size : 250 cm. Biology : Carbon Body Char. : Antennas, claws, nippers. Body Color : Green, Black Pattern : Randomly Mottled Limbs (Pair) : 4 (Arms, Legs, Legs, Wings) Abilities : Ambidextrous, Night vision, Fast Healing, Acid Secretion, Hive Mind, Winged Flight, Odious racial Habit (Attacking others), Strange Appearance, Perfect Balance, High fecundity, Leap. Hair : Bony Crest Hair color : Black Eyes : Three eyes, Multifaceted Eye color : Black

Tech Level 7
Militancy 18
Determination 20
Racial Tolerance 5
Progressiveness 7
Loyalty 20
Social Cohesion 20
Art 1
Individualism 1
Body 30
Mind 8
Speed 17
Spatial Age 7
Psi Power 10

Chronology :

Nothing is known of the history of the Hive. They are an enigma.

Homeworld :

Orbit Radius : 1 AU
Diameter     : 10000 KM
Density      : 1
Axial Tilt   : 4.769
Eccentricity : 0.01
Molten Core
Type         : Desert

Unusual      : Extreme Vulcanism, Int. Lifeforms, Rugged Terrain, Alien Artifacts,
               Remains of dead civilization.

Background info:

Little is known about the history of the Hive (Hive is singular, plural, and race name). What is known is that they have genetically engineered themselves into what they considered to be the perfect society: Where the goals of the race matter, not those of the individual.

Physically, the Hive is not too dissimilar from Earth insects, but much larger. They are engineered for war, with large pincer-claws, mandibles, and acid spray. The soldiers can make short work of a civilized planet within days.

Even the ships of the Hive are living beings. These monstrous constructions are simply different breeds of Hive. They may have shields, projectile weapons, and a fearsome plasma spout, but they are still insects!

All Hive share a single mind, from which they derive their name. There are several castes: Soldiers are the shock troopers. Workers do heavy labor. Queens lay the eggs. Hunters gather food from other worlds (crops, livestock, and sometimes people). And the Ships are, well, ships.

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