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Games and ratings

You don't remember the name of a game ? Go to the Usenet Complete RPG list.

Posting rules to rating submissions

  1. Ratings range between 0 to 4 (0-awful, 4-great).
  2. Rate a game only once.
  3. Rate only role playing games systems.So don't include live-action role playing games (IFGS, Killer, The Masquerade...) or board games (Car wars, Warhammer 40K...) or video games (Zelda, Might or Magic...).
  4. Don't include rpg supplements (Gurps Fantasy, Dark Sun, Western HERO...) or different editions of the same game unless these editions appears on the list.The difference between a rpg supplement and a rpg is that you can play a game with only the rpg book (all basic rules to play should be in the game rated). For example Gurps Riverworld is a supplement because you can't play it without Gurps, Champions is considered a rpg because you can play it without buying another book even if Champions is in the Hero system line.

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