My Ten Cult Movies

It was hard to make this list, there are so many movies that could have made it, like Abyss, Heavenly Creatures, Empire of the sun, Fandango, No way out or some Billy Wilder 's movies.But well, after deep thoughts, these are the ten movies I would die for...

Ladyhawke by Richard Donner (1985)
with Rutger Hauer,Michelle Pfeiffer,Matthew Broderick
A marvelous medieval love story about a malediction spelled at a woman who became a hawk the day and at his lover who became a wolf the night. Poetic.

Flesh & blood by Paul Verhoeven (1985)
with Rutger Hauer,Jennifer Jason Leigh
A young noble fascinated by Leonard De Vinci's works and a mercenary became rivals when they met the same beautiful woman.A cruel vision of medieval times.

A chinese ghost story by Ching Siu Tung (1987)
with Leslie Chung, Joey Wong
A beautiful travel in a China medieval legend, a story about a young tax-collector who fell in love with a ghost.Aesthetic.

The last valley by James Clavell (1970)
with Omar Shariff,Michael Caine
Another movie set in medieval times, a mercenary band found a haven in a lost valley during German religious war.

The purple rose of Cairo by Woody Allen (1985)
with Jeff Daniels, Mia Farrow, Danny Aiello
A story about a woman who loves movies.The best tribute to the cinema.

The right stuff by Philip Kaufman (1983)
with Scott Glenn,Ed Harris,Sam Shepard,Dennis Quaid,Fred Ward,Barbara Herschey
An amazing movie about the early age of space conquest.A great casting for this homage to the new heroes of the 20th century.

The good,the bad and the ugly by Sergio Leone (1966)
with Clint Eastwood,Eli Wallach,Lee Van Cleef
The best Italian western, Sergio Leone was a great director, it's sad he directed only a little number of movies.

Die hard by John McTiernan (1988)
with Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, Bonnie Bedela
The best action movie of all time, a reference in its genre.

Honkytonk man by Clint Eastwood (1982)
with Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood loves country music, and he showed it in this sad trip of a ill country singer who dreams about recording a LP.Touching.

Betrayed by Costa Gavras (1988)
with Debra Winger,Tom Beranger
A FBI agent is infiltrating an extremist group.She will be quickly torn between justice and love.It's hard to betray someone you cherish...

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