Cabal Meteorlogica

The Cabal Meteorlogica has been recently created as an office of the Lyceum Arcanum. Set up to monitor that unpredictable force called the weather, this office is an offshoot of the Aeromantic studies faculty. In the quest for knowledge the Cabal dispatches Storm Chasers to areas prone to aberrant weather conditions, in order to experience and catalogue these forces first-hand. Gathering data from travellers and windship crew has been of great interest to them, and they hope one day to fully understand, control and predict these forces of nature.
As a minor civil service the Cabal has begun to issue daily weather forecasts to Cymrils populace by means of magical speakers installed on prominent public buildings. The population has reacted with amusement and curiosity and the forecasts have become the subject of many wagers. The fact that the standard odds are 3 to 1 against a correct prediction gives some indication of their level of accuracy (or in this case, lack of it).
The Cabal Meteorlogica is located in a newly built tower near the Plaza of Icons, and stretches a full 800' into the air, bristling with vanes and other meteorlogical paraphenalia. It has been cited as a modern marvel, as in 'it's a marvel it hasn't collapsed yet'. The Cabal are currently investigating the possibility of setting up research centres in the Wilderlands Citystates in order to gain easier access to the aberrant weather conditions that are commonplace in the Wilderlands.
Adventurers are welcomed by the Cabal for any information on bizarre weather they have encountered, or possible bodyguard work on Storn Chaser expeditions.

Cymrilian Weather Watcher
Cymrilian Weather Watchers are the scholars of the newly created Cabal, monitoring weather throughout the continent, attempting basic predictions, and gathering interesting data on conditions such as Black Wind. Usually excitable they are still sane enough to avoid these dangerous forces unlike the Storm Chasers they dispatch.
Homeland: Cymril
Languages: High Talislan, Archaen
Physical Characteristics: 6'-6'4", 120-160lbs. Light green skin (may be coloured by enhancements), slender build.
Attributes: INT+3, WIL 0, STR-1, CON-1, PER+1, CHA 0, DEX 0, SPD 0.
Hit Points: 12
Skills: Administrator, Meteorology*, Secondary magic (Aeromancy)
Equipment: High-collared cloak and robes of spinifax of various colours, leather and silver bound spellbook, arcane thermometer*, wind-speed monitor*, humidificator*, lightning quantifier*, telescope*,note book.
* - Property of the Cabal.
Wealth: d20 gold pentacles (worth 5 g.l apiece)
Roleplaying: Like all Cymrilians they are fascinated by magic; especially magical weather conditions.

Cymrilian Storm Chaser
Insane by anyones standards, the Storm Chasers actively pursue dangerous weather in order to experience and catalogue its effecst. This only unhinges them further.
Mutation and death can all too easily result in some encounters, and anyone who grabs enchanted amulets and runs into Black Lightning storms, or screams 'yeehaw!!' while gleefully entering a Black Wind is in serious need of help.
Homeland: Cymril
Languages: High Talislan, Archaen
Physical Characteristics: 6'-6'4", 120-160lbs. light green skin, slender build.
Attributes: INT+2, WIL+1, STR 0, CON 0, PER+1, CHA 0, DEX 0, SPD 0.
Hit Points: 12
Skills: Meteorology*, Ride, Rudimentary Combat, Secondary Magic (Aeromancy).
Equipment: rugged travelling clothes, acid-rain proof coat, leather acidrain and waterproof treated spellbook, staff, d3+1 test amulets*, arcane thermometer*, wind-speed monitor*, humidificator*, lightning quantifier*, telescope*, notebook, greymane steed.
* - Property of the Cabal
Wealth: d20 gold pentacles (worth 5 g.l apiece).

*Meteorology (new scholarly pursuit)
Gives the scholar an understanding of weather effects, including aberrant weather, geographical weather conditions, as well as numerous theories regarding the origins of weather conditions, and possibly basic predictions.

Meteorlogical Equipment

Test Amulets
Basic, plain, iron amulets with no powers at all. They have received the most basic enchantment, and are intended to be carried into Black Lightning storms to attract strikes and witness the effects.
value: 10 g.l each weight: NA

A collapsing iron and glass model with x15 magnification.
value 50 g.l weight: 2lb

Arcane Thermometer
A simple metal cylinder with a glass tube affixed filled with a special alchemical. It turns red in heat, blue in cold and rises with the level of heat or cold. A simple rule measures the length of increase.
value: 50 g.l weight: 1lb

Wind-Speed Monitor
A basic technomantic device that features a horizontal cross forming 4 arms, mounted on a single vertical rod. A 'cup' is mounted at the end of each 'arm' that catches the wind, and rotates the rod which operates a simple cylinder counter at its base.
The 3 digit counter gives a fairly accurate windspeed reading in mph.
value: 50 g.l weight: 3lb

This device extends a magically cooled ironl tube into the air. Any water present condences inside the tube and trickles down into a measuring vial. By comparing volume of liquid to time and ambient temperature they can gain a fair estimate of rain likelihood.
Travelling Storm Chasers love these devices and use them to provide water in harsh locations.
value: 75 g.l weight: 1.5lb

Lightning Quantifier
A 10' long iron rod that is supposed to be placed at suitably high elevations. it's enchanted to attract any lightning present, and multiple bands at its base change colour for each strike it suffers.
value: 100 g.l wieght: 15lbs

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