Talislanta archetypes update

Hello all,

Over time I've made numerous changes to the listed archetypes, making them more comparative, more logical, more realistic, and in a few cases, more playable. Of course, all this is merely the view of myself and my players...
I guess most of us have done this to a greater or lesser extent, but here is the first installment of my changes.
Who knows. You may think of changes I've should have made/missed or vice versa. The changes are extensive so if you're the kind of rules lawyer who runs around screaming 'NOT CHANGE! NOT CHANGE!' while clutching your rulebook, read no further.
If you disagree with a change for any reason other than 'just because', or 'cos you've weakened me favourite race', don't bother to write. If you agree, need extra clarification, agree to a point but implemented a different change, or thought of changes I haven't made, let's discuss.
All changes are based on the 3rd Ed.

- Firstly, all characters with a mount receive Ride at no extra cost, as do all characters with Mounted Combat.