Introduction to Talislanta

The fantasy land of Talislanta first appeared in 1987,with the publication of The Chronicles of Talislanta by Bard Games.The campaign world became a true game with its own rules with Talislanta Handbook(2nd edition).
In 1992,a new little company,Wizards of the Coast,bought Talislanta line and released the third edition with Talislanta Guidebook.Three years later, WoC canceled all its RPG line and the future of Talislanta relies in the hands of Daedalus Games.They promised us a fourth edition.
But after one year, the Talislanta license finally ended in the hands of Pharos Press (a division of Plaid Rabbit Productions).

'Talislanta is an original fantasy setting,a magical post-disaster world, replete with its own history,cultures,customs,flora and fauna.
Many of the standard conventions of modern fantasy,such as elves,dwarves, and halflings,are not to be found here.
Instead the Talislantan continent is populated by a host of colorful and unusual races,such as the dual-brained Sindarans,the green-skinned magician of Cymril,brightly plumed Aeriad,tattoed Thrall warriors,butterfly-winged Muses,and many,many others.In short,Talislanta offers a new world design to entertain and challenge even the most jaded fantasy roleplayers.'
Extract of Talislanta Guidebook introduction.

People behind Talislanta

  • John Harper: a freelance writer, one of the designer for the Talislanta 10th Anniversary Edition.
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