Whatís popping !

My name is Renaldo Adams. Iím a black male who stand 6í3Ē. Iím 180 lbs. I have brown eyes and short brown hair.

Iím writing this in the hope of finding some good friends out there in the world. Iím seeking support and friendship. Someone understanding, honest, dependable, loyal and loving.

Someone, who is understanding of the loneliness that surrounds me. Someone who can lend words of motivation. Someone who is open minded to my needs and desires and my situation.

Iím seeking someone good hearted. Physical beauty doesnít mean much to me, but inner beauty and intelligence is a must.

Someone who will not be afraid of being creative and letting their imagination run freely. This person has to be try and be very dedicated, because I have found itís hard to find someone you can actually call a ďfriendĒ. True friends are like diamonds, so rare, so precious.

I am in need of someone who is attentive and supportive, who will stand by my side through the rain and the sunshine. As I strive to fight for my life.

Age, race gender are not an issue with me! Just be serious minded is all I ask. I believe you must have honesty, a high level of trust. That takes time to build, being loyal and understanding to have a good friendship. These things make up the foundation. With them we will last.

And Iíll uphold all of these things. It takes time and dedication, growing and learning together from each other Talking !! Communication is the key to life !! To any true friendship or relationship.

I like to read and write poetry. I like to collect poems, photoís etc playing basketball, and lifting weights. I love music and watching TV.

My favorite artists are, Nickle back, Kid Rock, Creed, Korn, Adena, Lifehouse etc.,

If you can feel you can be this good friend, Iím in dire need of, please write ! if possible please send stamps and photos.

Take Care

Iíll holla

Renaldo Adams Z-652
Holman 3700, 8-D-7
Atmore, Al 36503