The Short Story Creator
The Short Story Creator
How funny will your story be? Just fill in the boxes below with your own words and then press one of the "Create" buttons for a fun filled story.

Type In Your Name.
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Type in a room in a house. (lounge, bedroom, kitchen etc)
Type in a piece of furniture that can be found in this room. (chair, table fridge, bed etc)
Type in another piece of furniture you can find in the same room.
Type in a doing word ending in "_ing " that is done in this room. (cooking, cleaning, sleeping)
Type in another room in a house.
Type in a small item you would find in the above room.
Type in a piece of furniture you would find in this room.
Type in a sort of drink. (water, tea, soda, coke, juice etc)
Type in a number.
Type in a big thing found outside. (tree, antenna, pole, basketball ring etc)
Type in a describing word. (big, wrinkly, happy, bouncy, red, etc)
Type in a sort of animal. (lion, kangaroo, bird, bee, elephant etc)

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