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Dear Terragen citizen (or ally):

FYI: Information from this stand-alone Galactic Library unit is being analyzed and filtered by a Terragen computer employing the latest linguistic algorithms available.  Optimally reorganized and translated Galactic Library Institute information is then augmented using a sub-set of the Alliance for Progress Encyclopedia master database.

You may order the system to display raw Anglic or Trinary Galactic Library information (per your constitutional and Galactic rights) at any time.  (If you have difficulty, ask the system for context sensitive help at any point.)

Due to the nature of the Galactic Library database provided, and the nature of the Galactic Library interface, neither the Alliance for Progress Encyclopedia Project, the Terragen Confederation Information Agency, nor Project Diderot can guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information provided by this system.

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Note: This system does not support environmental neuro-interface protocols.  Use of any neuro-interface may be slower than normal because the attached Galactic Library unit does not accommodate cybernetic interfaces (in accordance with the normative Galactic distaste for cybernetic enhancement).

<Work on phase one of the Tg.I.A.'s galactic language emulator is 023 percent complete.>